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One morning a few weeks ago, Michele left. 48 hours and a few conversations later, this host "like any other" left the ecolodge, his heart rejoicing and thankful for such time of intimacy with the nature.

He came alone to our remote home, guided by his angels and Google's obscure operating laws. Alone to refocus, alone to rest. But onsite, he met two women from Chamonix-Mont Blanc who offered him to share the dinner.

In the morning, after walking on the path of energetic harmonization, it was our moment to exchange on the magic of Life, the joy of reconnecting to the body, far from the mind and the noise of the world.

It was only after his heart also rejoiced at these moments of human warmth that he left, telling me: "See you soon, I will come back." A host like any other, definitely, because we are all One and all able to be in connection not only with the nature but with our joyful human nature. This makes me daily tell myself how happy I am to live in such a place of Nature exhuberance where we welcome so many human beings in search of well-being, of rare timeless moments of total relaxation on the paths of Happiness.

It is in this state of mind that our White Paper on Happiness was written. Don’t expect a sociological study, nor a philosophical essay. You should be informed right now rather than be disappointed later on. It is in all simplicity and with the enthusiasm of a testimony: that a hotel-restaurant-Spa like no other, of an ecolodge whose creation on the shore of a high-altitude lake took place 8 years ago, concomitantly with a desire to weave happiness and hear our guests claim: "It was more than a stay, something like a meeting" (what Michele delivered to me upon departure). Of those moments which one would like immaculate of perfect pleasure (even and especially if it shall come from the perfection of imperfection), in short of those timeless rare moments, those « instants d’Absolu » as we say.

And you, what are you expecting for your next holiday? What would be absolute Happiness? What rituals do you love more than any other?

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