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« Halfway between civilization and nature, the most extreme luxury consists of space and calm that emerge. Stop, turn off your engine and enjoy what few places in the world can offer you, except if you should fly very far away. »
(The Journal of the Patient, Belgium - October 2014).

Exceptional natural site iconic of the Auvergne’s Wilderness, the ecolodge is positioned on a hot spot of biodiversity, labelled “Sensitive Natural Area”, located between Murat and Allanche, about an hour south of Clermont Ferrand and 30 min. drive from the A75 motorway linking Paris to Montpellier. You will climb up on the plateau through a primitive forest of Scots pine, fir and beech trees... just following your natural sense of roaming on small country roads across beautiful scenery. Watch out: a deer or a fox is never too far away ...


Neussargues is 10 km – 6 miles away
(Paris-Clermont-Ferrand in 3:30 + 1:30 more to Neussargues on another train). More information.

GPS coordinates: N 45 ° 11’ 12’’ - E 2 ° 52’ 58’’. Plan your route.

Clermont-Ferrand Airport, 108 km – 67 miles away. More information.

Fly Ryanair to Clermont-Ferrand...

from London Stansted on Mondays & Fridays until 23/10/2020
from Lisbon on Tuesdays & Saturdays through the year
from Porto on Wednesdays & Sundays until 21/10/2020

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