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The subbtle energy of the bathrobe

If you've already stayed at the ecolodge or if you're following us, you probably got it: our life is connected to our desires, and in the invisible, to the energy of precious Life, its sweetness and joy. So when a message comes from the "Accros du Peignoir" (The bathrobe's addicts) with an invitation to join the Club, this comes out clearly. Yes we will!

The bathrobe certainly speaks to us. It speaks to us to the point that 4 years ago, we designed our own models while we were having fun creating thala-source®. Thala-source® ? As a wink to thalassotherapy on a whole morning with cares combining spring water and volcanic clay, it has been our response to a recurring request from guests who were hesitating between a thalasso and a stay at the ecolodge. In the very flavour of the treatments offered in thalassotherapy centres and other thermal areas. Following in their footsteps, isn't it high time for thala-source® to burst into the open for a basic approach of the ecolodge as a place for Wilderness Wellness?

With the bathrobe, everything that our era seems to be in great need of: return to the essentials, to the Self, presence in the moment, relaxation and self-care both in terms of the body and of more subtle energies. So much that when we watched again today the crazy little videos of the bathrobe's addicts, it was just as obvious how much our attitude could be transformational, probably just as much as our environment. Isn't it obvious that wearing a suit and tie leads to a more stiff attitude than wearing a bathrobe?

So, what if tomorrow we could imagine a world addicted to the bathrobe? Don't misunderstand us: the idea is not that of depicting a society worn out by laziness or abused by ease. We have far too much of a taste for contribution to imagine such a drift. The idea, beyond the joke and the lightness of the playlets, rests on the contrary on the depth of the reconnection to our Self, on what our total relaxation sends us as a signal of connection to our desires, to our life missions; on what the invisible finally comes to realize through us as simple transmitters, mediators of Life more globally. This is how here, we carry projects as much as we finally let ourselves be carried by those same projects, which, generally speaking, when they stem from our depth and our true nature, are set up in a disconcerting way. Well, next spring, we're focusing on the idea of co-creating a dress for the nap. A little too early to tell you more even though it is already perfectly clear in our minds. A dress in the very flavour of a bathrobe, always heading towards relaxation and well-being, inviting you to a nap that regenerates as much as it opens the horizons of creative reveries. But the time has not yet come to germinate. Spring will take its time to settle in. Let's not be abrupt... let's savour winter and this time of dormancy and infusion of possibilities.

In the meantime, if you too wish to settle into the energy of the attitude bathrobe, here are a few little gems (regrettably in french only). So, will YOU become addicted to the bathrobe?



Feel free to share your feelings with us! And if the urge is frankly all-consuming, join the Club!

1 comment

  1. Merci pour cette source d’inspiration qui nous a tous mis à flots. J’ai partagé ces vidéos avec mes co-créateurs, et nos échanges coaching sont passés en douceur à une dimension supérieure. Adopter la peignoire-attitude, c’est dessérer sa cravate et tout ce qui nous gêne aux entournures pour retrouver le flow. MERCI

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