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If you were told that the ecolodge is a connected place, would you believe it?
In terms of connection, with a hint of humor ;-), let me tell you we may announce our remote place this winter under the 3 w: winter-wilderness-wellness, our promise for total well-being in this place out of time, almost out of space... or rather in a space giving place to infinite sceneries. This is the very Luxury of the Great Exhuberance which, according to our guests, gives them a breath of fresh air.

When 7 years ago, we opened the ecolodge with the willing to offer it as a place of well-being through the reconnection to the Nature and our own nature, the Spa had vocation of resting the bodies and the spirits after a beautiful hike or a horse-drive. It was "the icing on the cake" (or “la cerise sur le gâteau” as we say in French)... this great comfort which pushes to go out walking off the beaten paths. Because you know that on your way home, you will be able to pamper yourselves and definitely relax at the Spa.

Time passed and, from encounters to encounters, we walked with a Spa menus by Mélanie, followed by an extended map of energetic cares (and especially reiki) with Françoise, during the 4 following years.
Last winter, Philippe added a special touch to targeted massages, besides body and face massages. He is now with us for a year and ready to go a long way with us while Coralie came later to reinforce the team and open new perspectives. Which?

Thala-source®, how does that sound to you?
The idea came from conversations with hosts who are used to thalassotherapy and who, for some of them, confessed hesitating between booking... either at the ecolodge or precisely a thalasso. How come??
The most surprising in this story is that these conversations have been repeating, to such an extent that…digging out the subject and asking for some clarification on the precise intentions of these "thalasso-addicts", emerged a desire to enjoy wellness in such an intimate place. In our small remote paradise. More than one massage, a real wish for a moment of absolute well-being on this isolated high mountain pastures plateau.

So, we allowed time to decant, even years to digest the idea ... then as a joke or a play on words, thalasso degenerated into thala-source®. Which in the end made its way until the funny story gave place to obviousness. Here, no waiting room but an individualized care on a couple basis. Here, not sea-water, but our mineralized spring water and the healing and beneficial properties of the volcanic land.

Get to know all about "thala-source" by clicking right now!
So, at a time when life goes crazy, would you also fancy regaining that inner sensation of making One with the Universe? Enjoying a bath with essential oils on the shore of the lake... taking advantage of a sauna directed towards the forest before a wrap with a natural mixture of clay and volcanic silt of particularly high magnesium content... enjoying a scrub with an exfoliating cream made from  volcanic sand… In short, by forgetting a time to live the moment, the only reality of Life.
Ready for some Winter holidays... in secret volcanic France?

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