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As a place for shoots

An iconic place in the wilderness of Auvergne, ideal for photo shoots and filming. After Elle, Marie Claire 2 and Gala magazines... how about immortalizing your next collection of luggage or chic sportswear fashion on the shores of Lac du Pêcher? Here is an ultra-privileged location overlooking a poetic mountain lake, deep in the forest for fashion shootings, the launching of a luggage collection or of outdoor furniture, as well as advertising shoots...


Are you searching a place for shooting? Looking for a venue for your next collection? That kind of exceptional natural site up to valorize a photo shooting for a luggage collection, a chic sportswear fashion collection or outdoor furniture?

Overlooking a poetic mountain lake, against a volcanic backdrop, a lodge welcomes you in a forest setting, underpinned by values of purity, harmony, connection to well-being, ultimately to good life that these outdoors of the Pinatelle forest naturally highlight and reserve for you.

In such incredible raw preserved Nature, a remote three-hundred-year-old farmhouse made of volcanic stone... a sober and yet refined lodge décor. ELLE, Marie-Claire, Gala are glamour magazines that sherish this place. MORE INFO.   A QUOTATION ?
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