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2010 : creation of "instants d' Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa

A luxury ecolodge located in the Auvergne's Wilderness...

in Cantal, land of volcanoes...

When the horizon seems distant, the objective unattainable, shouldn't we let ourselves be carried away by the love of our projects?

Over the past decade, we have experienced the wish for absolute purity in the bedrooms at the opening time, pretty well coupled with a certain delay in the work (well, the task was for sure colossal... no less than 1,300 m² to be completely revisited).

Then we instilled mother-of-pearl, metal, acaba or cork with the desire to bring nature a little more into the walls... 13 rooms, then 12 only when we decided to break two classic rooms and create a Suite. All of them are kind of wellness bubbles overlooking the lake, the forest or the puys, those volcanic peaks.

Later on, we brought the forest into the heart of the rooms.... with the diffuser of this scent of conifers and oak moss: this "Absolu d’instants" conveyed by the perfume to awaken memories of accomplice strolls, hide-and-seek games of our childhood, moments of breathing to the fullest of our lungs with this resin perfume that fills us with spring.

2020: new features after the works

with a new bedroom with private terrace and XXL view onto the lake and Monts du Cantal

With these next works, it is the experience of nature in an approach of the invisible, the connection to nature through feeling that we now wish to inject and invite you to enjoy. What? How? Things are happening day after day, it's too early to talk about it. But we can for sure tell you: this new room, already named "Le Guetteur de Lune" (the look-out for the Moon), will invite you to a real connection to the star that you’ll be able to watch from both the room and its private terrace, in its reflection on the lake. Here is already a secret revealed ;-)

Willing to join our community of pionniers reconnecting to Nature and food ? Please join !

On the Spa evolution, we’ll tell you more very quickly...

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