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COVID-19 - Crossing in troubled waters

How to feel fine at a time to be crossed in troubled waters?

This is undoubtedly a question that has been bothering us all over the last months, with more or less lightness depending on our economic activity, keeping us more or less busy, more or less peaceful in the end.

Here is a question which has just given rise to an unexpected newsletter, whereas for the last 10 years, we have been announcing that we send our subscribers a letter of echoes from the ecolodge 4 times a year, at the turn of the seasons. Because the world is changing. Because beyond the Cassandras who predict the end of a world, when it is not the end of the world... Because beyond the cheerful, life-loving people who always have a thousand reasons to think that all is well that ends well... there are those who, as optimistic as they may be, may find it difficult to resurface after the summer, because how can you move forward when you are no longer master on board?

What's up?

Knowing how to welcome what Is; knowing how to pose tomorrow right Now; knowing that ultimately and whatever the agitation on the surface after this summer tsunami, the currents are carrying, has helped us these last few days to pose many evolutions. Things are moving here & now, at the ecolodge. Are you willing to update your information on "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa? We invite you to take a deep breath and read our long letter by just clicking here. Long indeed because, there is news. It's no longer so much about the visuals, which inspired us in the previous autumn letter, images that recharge. No, it's time for a dynamic of sharing.

So, how can we feel fine at a time of troubled waters?
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, information and vibration. "Nikola TESLA. This is indeed our vision and invitation as well through various proposals.

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