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Let us be the Change

Taking time for oneself is the very basis of a healthy life so that we can be fully available to others and contribute to the best of humanity. Naturally joyful and generous with regards to our deepest nature. This is one of the promises, if not the ultimate promise, of a stay at "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa. By offering you the opportunity to reconnect with your fundamental health, through nutrition at the restaurant (mainly through gentle cooking at low temperatures), through good living in an exceptional natural setting, with - icing on the cake - a whole range of offers for your well-being, from the Spa on a complimentary daily access to massages and other proposals for your self development, and even better, self radiance. As an invitation to receive the best in order to be able to give the best. This is how, over these 10 years, many guests have let us know that they have reconnected with their life(s), once reconnected to their deepest nature. Joy is here at the rendezvous, every moment, in the connection to the living and sensitive world, and in the benevolence of our practitioners.


Having frequented Buddhist centers and other monasteries, Laurence & Daniel have been keen to put on this exceptional natural site the flavour of a retreat, without however the ascetic approach. Here is an oasis of freshness that regenerates.

The approach here is hedonistic and joyful while the place, carried by the energy of Love, is soft with evenings of exchanges, heading for Happiness or sharing the words of the root peoples. A word that can be felt with the heart on a sparsely populated territory that pays homage to Nature. As an expression of our connection to Happiness that expresses how meaningful your stay should be here on the shore of Lac du Pêcher, the White Book of Happiness can be downloaded and savoured from your living room.



On a site of wide open spaces, where Nature is queen, how could our nature not - through this mirror effect that echoes our lives since the world is world - be sovereign?

Beyond the seasonal newsletter, social networks are a connection to the ecolodge, wherever you are and in whatever state of mind... remembering that time of hiking on the high plateau or planning a beautiful silent getaway with the desire to walk barefoot in the grass, inviting the wish of a birthday to celebrate with your beloved ones or reminding you of your lonely retreat... that week far from everything, but so close to you.

Among our appointments on the net: a Space for audacity... the audacity to be your true Self within a  time for oneself, to listen to oneself, share and shine.



Having for fundamentals and strong beliefs the fact that ecology is first of all an inner disposition only then to be able to contribute to the best of all worlds, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa cultivates this approach to life in an INSIDE-OUT dynamic and in a mirror relationship with Nature (those great lands on which we stand) and our own human nature. Convinced that fundamentally both are beautiful, generous and silent, we are open to exchange, share and build with all those who share the same values.

As entrepreneurs, artists, shall you see bridges between your activity and that of the ecolodge ... as a journalist or blogger, shall you feel dynamics to activate together... simply as co-creator of your life on Earth, having wishes to share with us... we are open to the dynamics of exchange, open to the pleasure of sharing. Absolutely convinced by the multiplier effect of sharing and by the value of the collective united towards a better peaceful world. We can be reached by email or contact form below before a constructive telephone appointment.



Inlaid with the Pinatelle forest ; taking pride of its isolation that makes the strength of the place, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa is nevertheless experienced as a link in a larger chain. It is the very flavour of the ecolodge to feel part of a much larger whole than a simple hotel with 12 rooms, a restaurant with about twenty seats and a Spa.

Whether you were born there, whether you have settled there or come to stay there, it is edifying to feel how much we share the same conviction: this land of Pinatelle is a land of good living. A land of wide open spaces that vibrate through the seasons, sometimes jostling us like in winter time. But in the end, it is a land that always brings us this powerful and energizing approach, also soothing, of a sober life connected to the intelligence of Nature, which reigns here as a Master. With the desire to make the good life radiate that Audrey Machemie, sophrologist on those highlands & Laurence, co-creator of the ecolodge, made the wish in 2018 to offer you a week of practices and experiences every spring.



From the very start, we were one with Nattitude, initiated by the Auvergne region... without even knowing it. Among the collective dynamics that underlie and nourish the life of the ecolodge, Nattitude is closely linked to the life of the ecolodge since its very first steps.

A network for exchange and sharing (with an intranet to share good tips), Nattitude also is a portal to the best of the Auvergne, with accommodation always posted on unique sites (of nature or culture), which offer a friendly atmosphere, cosy comfort and an atmosphere conducive to rejuvenation, as well as experiences that will make your stay memorable. Guest houses, hotels, gites, campsites... so many different structures run by creators who share the same values of respect and appreciation of the environment, same love for Nature.



The Best of Nature was born out of: a desire to meet a recurring question from our guests ("and you, when you go on a vacation, where do you go?"), experiencing other ecolodges (with similar values to share), the desire to promote a different approach to travel by reconnecting our desires or needs to what can deliver us a destination (through a strong connection to Nature via the 4 Elements) - with the wish to open up horizons beyond a tourism that has massified - and another desire, just as strong, to raise awareness of the environment, the beauty of Nature, the magic of Life.

Beyond its founding values and what sustains its dynamic, The Best of Nature is a collection of ecolodges around the world, like so many natural sanctuaries that experience Harmony with Nature. So many places to recharge our batteries, to return to the source, to this intimate connection with the Earth that carries us and supports us beyond any act of will, beyond all our limiting beliefs that we should struggle to live. All are small houses that value the human, the exchange, the benevolence. More than hotels, they welcome and offer good sleep. More than restaurants, they promote nutrition beyond just eating. Here and there, we can experience a reconnection with our higher Self; relax, unwind, while wellness is often practised at the heart of Nature. Spinguera in Cape Verde, Ibitipoca in Brazil, Wolvedans in Namibia have in common a lab-oratory approach, which combines experimentation through work and prayer through a sacred approach. Everywhere you will experience the confounding beauty of the world, visible and invisible.