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Remember ... In 2013-14, we offered you the possibility to take part into a conservation programme through a fee to preserve an important shelter for bats in western Cantal, Auvergne. An old railway station house on a remarkable site located in Cavarnac – close to Salers - and hosting more than 600 animals but… with a roof about to fall down.

Earlier this year, after various observations of the behavior of the animals, the first access works have been organised with a budget of € 2,110 - half thanks to your donations, the other half by the ecolodge (since for € 1 you pay, we donate € 1 from our turnover) - as part of a work carried out jointly by “Chauve-Souris Auvergne” and “CEN Auvergne”.

The operation of intervention first aimed at avoiding any disturbance of the animals during the rearing period of youth, condemning the doors and windows, while allowing the possibilities of movement of bats.
By 2017 summer time, the large work needed on the roof should be made. Bats will therefore benefit from a house whose sustainability will be assured!

But still ... parallel to this work of rehabilitation of the Cavarnac station, an inventory of bat species was conducted on the Sensitive Natural Area of Lac du Pêcher, on site of the ecolodge and… 11 species were counted after a long period of observation while the ecolodge has been labeled a "bat refuge."

During these two years, it was also an opportunity to raise awareness and interest in the bat, especially during special evenings allowing some of you hear them (through devices that detect ultrasound). We are grateful for your openness and generosity.

Now, after taking care of the royal kite together with Local Birdlife association, then of the frogs (and – even if not locally – of the snow leopard in Ladakh, with a more global view ;-), what would next be of interest to you ? what do you feel concerned with for the next years ? Let us know, we’re listening !

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