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Digital detox for a real break, as pure luxury

a fantastic journey in view, in Cantal Auvergne, in pure Wilderness

Fresh news of the day: Slow Chic, an online travel agency as an invitation to travel in Slow motion, has ceased its activity. Something's bleeding inside me.
If we resolutely chose not to appear on Booking.com and other online booking platforms, which do not fit our vision of travel nor our values ; Slow Chic on the other hand was in line with the DNA of the ecolodge.

Is digital detox, this expectation of travel as time for one Self, a simple announcement effect and, beyond that, a beautiful illusion? A niche such as the demand does not allow this type of structure to survive despite the global visibility provided by the Internet? I wonder and fully feel the current phenomenon described by Nicole Aubert: "The hyper-connected person is in a logic of instantaneity. Each request evokes an immediate response that gives him or her a feeling of pleasure similar to that of a drug. " Would the search for instant pleasure annihilate any possibility of presence in real life? of connection to the daily life?

In this new year, our steps are taking us more than ever to the heart of the matter, by making the choice to join the Out of Reach, network of places in white zones or at least out of the noise of the world. At the same time, I have just created a website that combines the network effect of ecolodges around the Planet together with the invitation to experience Travelling differently: The Best of Nature. Now, a host of questions rush into my head: what is the profitability of holidays and, beyond that, of travel, if Facebook notifications and other alerts are constantly challenging us? Is it still possible to talk about holidays? What is the dimension of the journey in the field of encounter, of openness to one another?

If, when I discovered the Holy Land at the dawn of my 17th birthday, I was surprised by what the Sabbath (Holy Day of Friday) recommended as prohibitions.... as far as introducing a "Shabbat elevator" in hotels that stopped on each floor while the elevator button had not to be pressed ; some 30 years later, I can hear and understand the attempt of the cultural association Reboot to establish the "National Day of Unplugging" based on Jewish cultural traditions.

Time as our ultimate luxury while choosing a destination for our next escape

beyond the luxury of pure Nature Exhuberance

Does time (regained) finally arise as our ultimate Luxury, resulting from a deliberate choice and calling on our inner wisdom ; on what, in us, knows what is good for us? Is it a coincidence or a sign that the term "Nowhere" consists of Now & here? Does Travel, as opening up an unknown field both in terms of time and place, have the vocation to be seen as a tool for personal development? This is precisely the wish I made when creating The Best of Nature.

And you, what choices do you make when planning your vacation? your next trip?
Feel free to open the dialogue by commenting below.

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