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Some of our most faithful repeaters have experienced it over the last few years: this chalet-grill designed as an echo to a dream of the Far North, where Daniel invites us to join for a dinner out of time… especially in the winter time.

Other guests know it under the humorous name of « Le héron juste poêlé » (Heron just pan-fried, promising that we don't serve heron, which was once a dish of choice). This is for the summer version.

This winter, with the arrival of Miguel in the new kitchen, we have resettled the fundamentals and among them, a deep willing to ritualize the chalet-grill for a friendly evening of sharing.

What is it all about? You may wonder.

Precisely because at Lac du Pêcher, one comes to fill in his desires of wide open spaces and simplicity, in the heart of a sovereign nature where man, sooner or later, merges into the landscape, we finally have no other objective than offering you what’s essential. And at mealtime, the essential is based on the simple flavours of good local, fresh and seasonal products.

Up there, in the mountain, we cook around the grill: marinated game of the Pinatelle forest surrounding us or a Côte de bœuf with potatoes « en robe des champs » preceded by a soup of ceps. An apple pie as the ultimate delicacy makes it as simple as delicious a moment.

In such an informal atmosphere, together with a local person invited for dinner, we can exchange and share. Because sharing is just as pleasant on the plate as it is in this cocoon which welcomes us for a few hours. And because we do think sharing is part of the Trip.

Let’s tell you why. From the very beginning, we collected many feedback from our guests upon the kindness and welcome of the inhabitants of this remote land, their availability they felt while hiking or in the heart of the villages they have crossed. From thread to thread, the idea of crossing glances increased in power until laying the foundations of these special evenings.

And clearly the flavour of this time of sharing has been drawn out: a bit like "on an unknown land", you are welcome after a short walk, with an undisguised joy of secret moments to live together. Around the fire, the conversation opens with an unusual object, a fetish object brought by a local personality, a mystery guest. Object of exchange, object of convergence to better understand how the link to the territory is organized. And ultimately create a human bond between Travellers and locals.

So, are you dreaming of a dinner "on an unknown land"?

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