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« The Auvergne is so beautiful and welcoming that you feel homesick for it, even after only a single visit. Here's how I fell in love with this volcanic region of France on a research trip for lonelyplanet », Anita ISALSKA

Greetings from volcanic & unique France... AUVERGNE, that was said to be on your radar in 2016. Was it? Or maybe will it be in 2017… with a lot to experience, from Pure nature walks to visits of castles. From small villages among "Plus beaux villages de France" such as Salers or Tournemire to heritage tourism. Let us lead you from our luxury retreat called "instants d'Absolu" (meaning timeless rare moments) to several very special places.  But first, would you like to hear of a great story: that of our encounter with Auvergne? 


Destiny sometimes grows on pure luck... like when we decided to settle down in a place out of this world, determined to reinvigorate life and share our discovery : the high plateau of the Cézallier in Auvergne, a vast land of wind, stone and water, as pure as the elements that animate its low fast-moving skies for timeless experience.

On that Saturday of January 2007, Laurence says: « I went skiing on my own, from Megève ski village. The weather was foggy and snowy that day and there was hardly anybody on the slopes. A great moment of solitude... until in the late morning, the weather started to change. Suddenly Mont Blanc appeared. When I said to myself loud on the chairlift: "God, how beautiful!", the skier next to me answered: "You love Nature, you will love Lac du Pêcher (lake)". »

This first came as an idea of a surprise for Daniel, a nice weekend to spend till I got to know the place was for sale. « Three months later, after having abandoned this dream of a surprise, we decided to visit and see by ourselves what Lac du Pêcher was like. When arriving on site, we both laughed, saying: "this ain't true! this is an ecolodge". »

After a complete eco-rehabilitation, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa (meaning timeless rare moments) opened its doors in June 2010 for "100% Pure Auvergne" experiences in a secret and unharnessed natural environment by the lake, surrounded by the forest and volcanic peaks... on the high plateau of Cézallier.


Friends wondered what fly stung us to push us into such wilderness so far from "civilization". At Megève, we enjoyed successful careers in tourism, the comfort, quality and levels of service of a renowned ski resort.

« The roughness of the Masai Mara in Kenya had troubled me, waking a strong need to connect back to Mother Nature. Iceland and Greenland fed my desire for wild landscapes that offer so many lessons of life, the exact same "Far North" feeling I discovered at Lac du Pêcher » - says Laurence.

The site had to be unique, iconic of the Auvergne's wilderness, to motivate leaving the friends and family. Created from an immoderate love for lands of wide open spaces and places of such wild nature, the ecolodge is on a classified "Sensitive Natural Area". A hotspot of biodiversity that celebrates the vital energy and invites to enchanted get-away-from-it-all-breaks. To the great pleasure of just being present on a sanctuary, in connection with a Slow Life philosophy.

« We hope to share the Cézallier, like a "dream of nature", a kind of horizontal vertigo provoked by savanna landscapes, with just enough romance and refinement...» An authentic lava stone architecture, the refinment of a Safari like decoration and a restaurant based on fresh seasonal and local food are what make this remote place so unique and natural.


Pure Nature at the door fully contributes to the experience of reconnection with the Earth and Sky.

In Spring & the early Summer, frogs' and birds' concerts are part of the dreamy natural atmosphere while you may enjoy a lesson of botanics and get surprised you may find delicious a lot of wild plants you will encounter on your day out in the forest. « This is not Amazonia and the locals don't survive on wild plants but they may very well add a special flavor to a meal at the ecolodge and make you spiritually reconnect with the idea of a free Nature, that is something touching the heart.» says Daniel.

Would you now like to know what to experience apart from Pure Nature wellness when on a stay at "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa? We will assist organizing your best trip, day by day, and provide you with a few ideas in the next coming weeks, including a Pure Life Experience: flying with wild geese.

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