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Can you feel, like I do, that Spring is the time of renewal? Personally, I feel clearly connected to the seasons... which implies in this mid-April, being full of ideas and projects for the current year and the next. Hadn’t I planned to leave 2018 fallow;-( after this dense 2017 year... ? Well, shouldn’t we celebrate projects??

Now, first and to begin to realize my dreams and precious desires, I need energy. Just like you, I'm sure. If we do not have enough energy, our ideas may remain ideas… written on a piece of paper, won’t they?

Beyond the energy that food provides, last fall, I had the great chance to meet with Leila Saouli, a wonderful person specialized in nutritherapy, who made me decant many intuitions, including that of homeostasis. Or how our body naturally regains its balance when we enjoy sufficiently healthy living conditions.

At a time when something in me was awakening to the alchemy of the living, Leila activated a new wheel: that of food as one of the founding principles of Life. Or how elements that are foreign to our body, gradually, subtly, will be transformed to become ourself.

  • Because our relationship with food may have taken us away from our feelings and our bodies in fine,

  • Because to feed oneself in conscience invites to recontact one's deep and sovereign nature, by muscling one's vigilance and by contacting one's sensations while bringing one's emotions to light,

  • Because this simple act of eating can prove to be a powerful tool of self-knowledge and, therefore, of connection to the world,

we were willing to organize for you this « Escale Sève de Vie ».

In this early summer to definitely give you time to destructure your food routine and  integrate new behaviors at the beginning of the school year.

Had you precisely dreamt of a special summer time, far away from simply holidaying, or let’s say of a transforming holiday in homage to your (well)being... If you also consider that the holidays are a unique opportunity for blooming... If you do not like anything as much as valorizing your free time to climb the steps of Life, find all the details of this highly energetic week, guided in french (which you should be fluent in to join) by clicking here!

If french is not that accessible to you, you may enjoy in June a yoga stay with Magda. Another wonderful experience !

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