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Some of you may have crossed her at the ecolodge? in the lounge by a late evening, sipping a Whiskey ;-), or in the Pinatelle forest, walking her dog... Others may have discovered her through the collection of skulls displayed in our cabinet of curiosities while others “met” her through our first travel book. SHE is Perrine Crosmary, passionate of nature, formerly among the "New Explorers" for Canal+ channel. Soon she will embark you on a safari by PLANETE + french channel.

One of our beautiful meetings since we moved to Cantal, Auvergne, who helped us in the implementation of a former conservation fee with the association “Chauve-Souris Auvergne” (Auvergne Bats), Perrine is now working with us with a view to protecting the amphibians on the lake as well as she dedicates to the safeguarding of the snow leopard in Ladakh. Another significant project we wanted to support because we are convinced that Life knows no border and "Earth is but one country".

If biodiversity is different, the challenges are just the same. How many times have we thought that in Amazon, Southern Africa or in the Himalayan mountains, biodiversity conservation stakes are high, while in our own countries, the living appears common? Well, Perrine has this holistic vision of living and quite the same desire to protect the lion in Africa as the triton on the shores of Lac du Pêcher. With her, we have shared beautiful moments, thinking and talking, if not to the "change the world", rather suggest a different relationship with the world: sweeter, kinder, more connected. Life, Nature: she speaks with passion and will be from October 5th., 8.30 pm. on PLANETE+! Live in Masai Mara!

Fond of the Safari ambiance? Click here right now!

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