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Here, on the shores of Lac du Pêcher, everything is about encounters... since the very beginning of our project. Starting with the discovery of this remote timeless place.

Everything is also about reconnection to Nature and to our own nature by mirror effect. This has been our leitmotiv for almost 10 years now. And the very reason for "instants d’Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa : 12 rooms, a Spa, a gourmet restaurant, and timeless rare moments as a promise.

Beforehand, we were in the Alps, with the feeling of living in a (different) magnificent territory that leads in its verticality, to the surpassing of oneself. Nevertheless in Megève, in the civilization. Didn't Jean Cocteau affectionately call this mountain village "the 21st. arrondissement of Paris"?

Having been able to experience since we moved to the Pinatelle forest, how raw nature, without any make-up at all, brings us to much more simplicity, authenticity as well as sensitivity, we have been evolving, year after year, ever more in search of meaning, in search of what’s essential in the end.

Because in the end, Nature guides us towards the very essence of our being, our reason for being on Planet Earth, on the path of silence, of solitude that opens to the Self, of humility that roots as much as it disarms, of openness to Life in short.

FOR THE 10th. ANNIVERSARY OF THE ECOLODGE, WE ALREADY HAVE MANY SURPRISES FOR YOU (that we’ll keep as surprises as far as we’re writing now, with the previous need to weave those happy moments all the way to June 2020).

At this moment however, we are glad to offer ourselves the opportunity to support - beyond this first symbolic accompaniment of the film Etugen during its past shooting in Mongolia - the continuation of the shooting in Amazonia.

Because we were there last November in the Amazon, in awe, but with a touch of concern while we could feel the fragility of this natural environment and of our imprint. Wishing to walk ahead towards more awareness, because the simple teaser is already meaningful.

Because, beyond the Week for Good Living that we helped organize last June in the Pinatelle forest, we are committed to sharing our relationship with such nourishing and re-energizing nature. By aiming in participating in the restoration of the sacred bond that unites Man to Nature. Convinced that travellers and inhabitants can live together for the very best of tourism.

Because last but not least, we were delighted to welcome Arnaud Riou in 2015, and because our meeting was the very start of another approach of the ecolodge, in parallel with the classic approach of a stay in the exhuberance of pure nature: the Lake Life Parenthesis and (re)connection to Life, with the support of wise men, coaches and therapists. We now look forward to welcoming Arnaud back in the Pinatelle, definitely a land for good living, at the occasion of the screening of Etugen next Spring 2020.

And it is precisely because Arnaud is at the origin of this initiative, whose respectful and enthusiastic approach to Life we know, which also is transformative and necessary in this period of change, that we are walking ahead. Head for the Amazon! Arnaud, we'll be by your side! What about you ? Will you be there, at the heart of this initiatory journey?

To embark on the enchantment, here are some wonderful images. But make no mistake: this is not about folklore but about energy and vibration. https://youtu.be/WW6BiJAYreI

To embark on the Adventure with us, the Adventure of Tomorrow's World, here is a link: https://www.proarti.fr/collect/project/etugen-le-film/0?fbclid=IwAR1vSDQPwog1uav8-83R7E2GEFG9_XwFPAUFGA_Ydmb3fvne0mT1W3vtfjk

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