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https://wildbirdscollective.com/At « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa, we enjoy to have our guests or naturalist friends as ambassadors with their own language and outlook, their proper emotions to share this place with you through Travel diaries. With a deep wish to make you feel... much more than a hotel, a destination of exception offering a genuine natural Art of Living,... more than a restaurant, a table where each dish is to nourish both the body and the mind,... more than a Spa, a healing space where relaxation is combined with wondering at, while listening to Nature.

A motionless trip of a Travel diary, between the Pinatelle forest and the Pays de Murat. In conjunction with our partners and suppliers, we would like to make you better understand our services and the benefits of a visit at the ecolodge, while showcasing the genius of the place, the beauty of the environment and the soil. In a digital format, you can share it at will.

At the end of the 2022 year , our new travel diary was born! Written precisely around Travel in connection with three couples of digital nomads. A 3rd. opus in connection with Luc & Eloïse from L'oeil d'Eos, Camille & Pierre from The Roadtrippers and Christophe & Violaine from WildbirdsCollective. To leaf through it, click on : https://issuu.com/ecolodge-france/docs/carnet_laurence-pdf_final_web  


[ CONFIDENCE by Laurence:

March 2020 (at the time of the first confinement), alone on the banks of the lake, I rediscover the power of silence. "It was undoubtedly this very search for silence in the heart of solitude that took me along the small picturesque roads to discover France seventeen years ago. I left as a pilgrim, preceded on my way by Amélie, a child as much in love with life and travel as I am. Seventeen years have passed, and this morning I am reading and remembering them again... taking out this manuscript like a photo album, determined to illustrate it with the power of memory."

At "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa, we regularly like to open up new horizons for you, for ourselves. This horizon is a musical approach to reading, and even more to travelling. There are 20 chapters, 20 regions of France that Olivia Colboc, an intuitive pianist, will set to music over the course of the month, every third Monday of the month in her column "Good Monday Morning" to give you the colour of a territory. It starts next Monday 21st. of June 2021, day of the Summer Solstice... and of the Fête de la Musique! Shall we take you on board?  


Fresh vegetable green scent, dotted here and there with pine and fir for a true fragrance of authenticity. A fragrance like a story by Saint Exupéry, signing a moment out of civilization, like a fairy-tale that would capture the essence of a Land of open spaces… the Land of Auvergne.

Because the scent stimulates the imagination and awakens buried memories... how about experiencing bedrooms perfumed in a subtle natural way, offering an atmosphere that leaves a light footprint, like a woman's foot placed lightly on the earth? The “Absolu d’instants” also comes into candle, spray or small scented pebbles that will add a romantic touch to your wardrobe ... unless they may guide your steps through the forest like Little Poucet once upon a time...