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Destiny sometimes grows on pure luck … like when Daniel SIEGEL and Laurence COSTA decided to settle down in a place out of this world, determined to reinvigorate life and share their discovery: the high plateau of the Cézallier, a vast land of wind, stone and water, as pure as the elements that animate it’s low, fast-moving skies… for timeless experience.

Friends wondered what fly stung Daniel & Laurence to push them into such wilderness so far from “civilization”. At Megève, they enjoyed successful careers in tourism, the comfort, quality and levels of service of a renowned ski resort.

“The roughness of the Masai Mara in Kenya had troubled me, waking a strong need to connect back to Mother Nature. Iceland and Greenland fed my desire for wild landscapes that offer so many lessons of life, the exact same “Far North” feeling I discovered at the Lac du Pêcher” – says Laurence.

The site had to be unique, ionic of Auvergne’s wilderness, to motivate leaving friends and family.
A preserved sanctuary, the “silent moonscape” feel when blanketed with snow,

A “get away from it all” destination for authentic French country lifestyle and relaxation.
In the Southern part of the “Natural Reserve of the Auvergne Volcanoes” lies a place of enchantment at any season, at the heart of a forest, like an island in an ocean of greenery, so close to the sky, quite a special place to stay, one of those best-kept secrets of France.
At the doorstep of the Ecolodge, a 40 acre lake, some 5,000 acres of pine forest and a breathless view on the volcanic range of Puy Mary. The first neighbor is at 4km/2.5 miles away, the safari atmosphere is overwhelming.

“We hope to share the Cézallier, like a “dream of nature”, a kind of horizontal vertigo provoked by savanna landscapes, with just enough romance and refinement…”

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