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Greetings from unique volcanic… secret France... AUVERGNE that is now on your radar. With a lot to experience including the pre-Eiffel Tower monument… an hour drive away from the ecolodge.


Open wide eyes on the Truyères scenic gorges!

We may take no risk betting you have heard of, even maybe visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, haven’t you? But, did you know that a few years earlier, the same architect, Gustave Eiffel, built a huge bridge over the Truyère river... worth the visit in AUVERGNE?

For centuries, the Massif Central refrained from transport modernization. However, in the XIXth. Century, specialists found a solution to allow the rail network extend through the region and link Paris to Béziers: build a bridge over the Truyère on the model of that of over the Douro in Porto, Portugal. Architectural figure of major importance during the centrury, Gustave Eiffel was elected to make this ambitious project come true. Each metal piece was manufactured in Paris and transported by rail to the nearest station then to Garabit by oxen and horses. 400 of workers over 4 years were no less than needed to build the Garabit bridge with a monumental arch, the highest in the world at the end of the XIXth. Century - with a 540 feet main spam -.
An excellent building exercice before the Parisian tower project... five years later.


In the summer of year 1964, Romy Schneider and Serge Reggiani were at Garabit on the shooting of Clouzot's unfinished film: "L'Enfer" (Hell). About 50 years later, the film imagined by Serge Bromberg received an Oscar for the best documentary and the Critics' Prize at the French film Festival in Los Angeles.

This romantic setting of Garabit bridge over the Truyère is an ideal one day excursion when at the ecolodge. With possible canoeing and swimming at Mallet Beach… or a visit of the ruins of Alleuze castle on the way (ideally with a guide).

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