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This is no longer a new story: in 2017, we completely renovated the kitchen and dining room and this winter, Miguel joined the ecolodge team to continue the journey alongside us.

Perhaps you have noticed on our winter menu the black pudding parmentier with caramelized onions and fruit apples, pistou chives. Or did you (just like me) wonder about the « baba au rhum » french traditional pastry? Personally, this is a cake I've never been a fan of. Too spongy, too industrial to me. So, when Miguel tells us all about his « baba au rhum », honestly, only do I feel like savouring the "poached-flambed" bananas.

However, accustomed to working in confidence and letting the men and women (who participate in the construction of these "instants d’Absolu") express themselves, we nod for the baba. « Qui vivra verra… » Who will live will see, shall I say...

Here comes the time for the installation, the organization in the kitchen, the preparations for the end of year festivities. Until the realization in two shoots of the famous baba. Follows the time for tasting. And here and then, the ecstasy is at the rendez-vous. In all confidence: the cake doesn't have that spongy texture that I was never enthusiastic about. Accompanied by a rum pipette to anticipate the desire of those who would ask for more, it marries beautifully with the flambéed banana. And the whipped cream, would you like me to tell you? This is another addition that I have always found useless, especially as far as I remember - in the Banana Split and other Poire belle Hélène among my childhood’s favourites - where the Chantilly cream in a pressure bottle always seemed gadget and uninteresting to me. Well then, it comes to lighten wonderfully the sweetness of baba and banana.

So who's in charge now of your delicious timeless rare moments at the table, shall you wonder?

Having entered the kitchen as one enters religion, Miguel knows how to speak with passion of his imperfect conception of the "perfect egg" as well as of exceptional breeds of beef with the genetic aptitude to make intramuscular fat with a diet almost exclusively based on grass and hay.

A devotee of a « cuisine canaille », this Chef from Bordeaux has put himself to work and listened to the (new) expectations of our guests while balancing with the DNA and the wishes of this haven of peace.

In my opinion, this is the very basis of the challenge: to find this delicate balance between the profile of the Chef and the soul of the restaurant.

Reflecting and creating a "gastronomadic experience" that integrates the flavour of the Voyage with the region's flagship products, such is the course to be followed, with an eye on the lakefront, the forest on the port side, and the crests of the volcano on the starboard side.

This winter, Miguel knows exactly how to treat our guests to the culinary thrills of an organic vegetable couscous with blond peas from the Planèze, spiced up with a drizzle of Argan oil that we had embarked on our last trip back from South Morocco.

And while we start talking about next spring, this is funny to observe: Miguel's eyes shine with the idea of exploring the wild edible plants in the Pinatelle forest and daring a perhaps more vegetal vision of « cuisine canaille ». Beautiful culinary discoveries await us on the shores of the Lac du Pêcher. And we already start salivating when thinking asparagus, zucchini, rhubarb.

And you, how do you feel about springtime?

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