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GOOD FOOD: a recipe for Happiness

What is Happiness for you? 

It took shape with these last construction work, the Table.

A separate room, a unique view: live from the lake. Designed for special dinners at the time of an anniversary to celebrate, or a communion, or even simplier a time between friends ; it appeared in our minds at the end of works with another desire, parallel. What if it was also a « table d'hôtes »? What if some evenings we shared dreams and wellness recipes?

After a few exchanges with repeating guests, a question: "Would you like to have such dinner at a « table d’hôtes » (one evening a week) at the ecolodge?" (the feedback? a frank and massive YES, because in the end, they said: « we come here to share values ») would give life to dinners combining nutrition and positive emotions.

One can enjoy as much a unique menu as one's own shared dreams. No angry conversation (the ecolodge is not the place) but recipes and other secrets of well-being, testimonies of life, talks about D(eco)ration & Travel.

Before going out to watch together (for those who wish to extend the evening) a filme titled: « What is happiness for you? », a public utility film retracing over 800,000 km around the world what Mankind thinks about Happiness, multiple and personal. For the anecdote, you will discover between two interviews, a few shots of... Lac du Pêcher. Certainly not by chance; -). Julien Péron, author and director of this film, comments:

"There is no accident, there are only appointments" said Paul Eluard (french poet). Happiness has been a universal research for millennia, while man has never ceased to question himself. Philosophers, writers, scientists, spiritual masters, researchers of all kinds are interested in understanding the mechanics of happiness. What if happiness was possibly taught? What if everything started with our education? For 4 years, I travelled through our beautiful planet in self-financing to meet these men and women who seek to unravel the mysteries of happiness.

A true personal development book, it deals with a large number of themes all related to happiness and puts us in front of our responsibilities and choices. Happiness is vital, essential to our balance. It is at the origin of many virtues and plays a predominant role in our health. Being happy allows us to live longer, have a better immune system and simply feel good. It seems necessary to lead a harmonious personal and social life."

In addition to well-being and true joy, which are part of a good time, a dinner in full consciousness and a good digestion, we have at heart to provide you with moments of delicacy on the basis of alternative cooking, starting with the plancha. What could be more coherent for this secret address located on a secondary road of the Via Arverna going to Santiago de Compostela? Isn’t it known that the plancha was invented by pilgrims travelling to Compostela, who with their bundles carried a stone as a cooking tool? They stopped at Lac du Pêcher, these monks who, as early as the XIth. century, created the lake from an old peat bog. A lake as a fishery to feed on the hike and which nowadays still is a place to fish the trout.

In the kitchen, Miguel also uses low temperature cooking to preserve all the vitamins. And for such evening, he will have discreetly prepared a unique shared menu as a guideline.

Would you agree in saying eating well is one of the recipes for Happiness?

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