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2010 : creation of "instants d' Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa

A luxury ecolodge located in the "Parc Naturel Régional des Volcans d'Auvergne", in the Wilderness...

in Cantal, facing a mountain lake...

When the horizon seems distant, the objective unattainable, shouldn't we let ourselves be carried away by the love of our projects?

Over the past decade, we have been bewitched by this exceptional natural site, together with the desire to participate in a better future for this remote territory, in the face of the evidence that the renewal of a mutant society is taking place in the rural environment, in those places of silence and isolation.

Everything in our approach has aimed to unify, coordinate, make coherent... the in and outdoor, the kitchen, the hostelry, the Spa, in a global approach to relaxation and rejuvenation.

So much to tell you... so let's go drop by drop to enjoy the change and set the goal step by step.

Table side first:

On the table side, we first enjoyed Sébastien's gourmet cuisine, who for 7 years worked on flavours and spices. Remember the veal cooked in hay, the chicory braised in orange or the beetroot cake.

Then we went through Miguel's (initial) cuisine, who for 2 years now has been digging the furrow of the raw product. In the flavor of purity, as much as possible. In the desire to match the environment as much as possible, these harsh landscapes of an incredible poetry. Certainly, it touches us with such fine sensitivity.

We have gradually grown from epicureans to « epi-curious » with Miguel's "hypno-thetical" evenings which enchanted some of you, at night around a menu to discover, to taste blind (or if not, almost). They were as rare as they were tasty. They will resume sooner or later, at the right time.

2020: new features after the works

a brand new bedroom with private terrace over the lake and an awe-inspiring view onto the Monts du Cantal

Now, from May 2020, it is another intimate table... another culinary emotion that we will be keen to make you experience in the greenhouse. Because our objective is to install a greenhouse... a greenhouse coupled with a basin for operation by aquaponics system. And THIS OBJECTIVE, FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE CREATION OF THE ECOLODGE, WE WISH TO SUPPORT IT COLLECTIVELY, WITH YOU, INTO A SHARED DYNAMICS. A COMMUNITY DYNAMICS.

Will you join? Is in another approach to food of interest to you? Be welcome Now&Here!

As for the rooms, let’s tell you more about very quickly....

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