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Meditation... a word that became part of the common language, which for many years in France made you - when meditating – look like belonging to a sect, disconnected from your Christian religion or more simply « perched ». However, it has been twenty years since this practice literally transformed my life, my relationship with Life.

Because if there is one thing that meditation teaches us in silence and inner solitude, it is that everything is linked, everything is interconnected, and that our breath only adds to the breath of the wind; the fluidity of our movement makes us flow in the current of the river of Life.

Saying this, I wish to take advantage of this note to thank from the bottom of my heart my Master, Arnaud Desjardin, for his energy of Pure Love, who knew how to touch me as much as to push me. But also, David - I was 17 years old then - that anonymous American man connected to the soul of the Amerindian people, who had integrated meditation into his daily life and whose every gesture transpired respect for everything he crossed on his path; the right word, the chosen word, absolute wisdom. They inspired me on the path I had previously taken to the Buddhist centre of Karma Ling in Savoie, Alps.

As a gift today, I am pleased to inform you that in this magical period of Indian summer, we will welcome from Thursday, September 27 to Monday, October 1, Vincent Givord, geobiologist, for inspiring meditation practices leading to transformative Awareness.
4 days to (re)connect to your Self, to this inner wisdom, to this intimate knowledge so often set aside for the benefit of the mind and external knowledge. Ultimately, to feel a deep connection with the Universe, at the time of the stag belling, at the time of bird migrations… at Indian summer time. This is briefly our post-summer holiday wonderful proposal. How about joining us (guidance in french however but Silence prevails ;-))?

Are you already adept at meditative practices? If so, which ones would you like to share here? If not, do you feel ready to integrate wellness practices into your daily life?

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