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Any idea of what emotional trip this can be when flying on an ULM or in a hot-air-balloon with wild geese?

Inspired by the work of the famous Austrian ethologist Konrad Lorenz and thanks to his great knowledge of the world of birds, Christian Moullec began its first flights with his birds in 1995 aboard a Delta plane motorized he adapted. The initial objective was to conduct advocacy for the protection of migratory birds and reintroduce fronted goose in Sweden. His inventiveness and his convictions were the subject of TV documentaries and numerous reports.

Now in Cantal, Auvergne, he invites to a pure Nature Experience on an ultralight two-seater flight in the company of birds. One of these unforgettable unique moments... a real dream made true in the wonderful world of migrators. The rising sun casts light colors on the largest volcano in Europe. The pilot explains the biology of species that fly with you while you can feel eternity at the same time you fly over Mont du Cantal and summit Plomb du Cantal.
Unique in the World, this is an unforgettable timeless moment as a Pure Life Experience.

From English guests with love!

... on Karen Brown's guide: "This place satisfies on so many different levels. The location is simply beautiful: in an undulating part of the Cantal, lakeside and adjacent to a small nature reserve with a bird observatory (very few visitors). Our visit was in early June and the wild flowers of a delayed spring were abundant. It's a great base for getting out into truly magnificent countryside. The hotel itself does a fine job of matching the location with a comfort and decor that will not disappoint. Everything smacks of good taste: no TV, no room telephones, books dotted here and there, super comfortable beds, basins and showers of the very best quality, quiet rooms. The view from any window was often breath-taking, with changing light conditions revealing something new at every turn. One minute you were in Malawi; another in Scotland. Magnificent! Their spa is just wonderful with everything properly appointed: saunas, showers and an outdoor hot tub with A View! Magic. Getting your knees under their tables is also a delight. We enjoyed local, fresh produce, very well cooked and beautifully presented. There's a very good choice of wines. And those views . . . All of this was deftly put together and presented by two absolutely charming owners (super English) and a lovely team of staff all of whom genuinely cared about every aspect of our stay. We cannot praise them highly enough. The hotel, of course, prides itself on its ecological credentials and this is justifiable. In providing this level of care in such magnificent surroundings you can see that their respect for low-impact tourism is appealing and infectious. We were lucky to stay for three nights so we got some of the finer detail of the place - and liked it all the more for it. I can see us returning. What more can you say? Many thanks. Truly splendid!"


In Spring and Autumn, in the Auvergne’s Wilderness, migrations are part of daily dream of a day, reconnecting us with the Nature in its cyclical dimension.

Another experience, more Culture focused, is the visit through the cobblestone streets of the medieval picturesque village of Salers. A ideal excursion on a day trip with a stop at the cave-dwelling church of Fontanges. And should you leave early enough, you may also enjoy Tournemire (another among the « Plus Beaux Villages de France » with its Anjony Castle). Let’s meet there in a week time.

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