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where to connect with space

A most inspirational place

« This type of holiday is an opportunity for all of us to step back. The place is conducive to stimulate our creativity », Franck Moreau for Michelin – (La Montagne, April 2012)


A confidential place in the heart of the Auvergne’s Wilderness for a tailor-made stay.

Alone, as a couple, with friends, in this authentic and unique setting in communion with the Elements, between lake, forest and volcano, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa welcomes your moments of holy days and reconnection to yourself and to your natural well-being, and assists you, according to your wishes and expectations, for a stay that can be tailor-made.

Residential seminars, fashion or film shoots, yoga or personal development courses, privatizations to celebrate a time with your relatives or friends... here are so many opportunities to find yourself away from the civilization, in a timeless place that invites harmony, silence and isolation to allow you find and give the very best of yourself. A place that is as inspiring as it can be considered exotic, to host your events throughout the seasons.


A garden to experience the living, the vibrant, by reconnecting to the Earth: this is the purpose of this space, which is part of the continuity of the kitchen and the restaurant. Designed in connection with the Elements, the garden is as much about inspiration as it is about production for the time of the dinner... about accompanying us here and now as it is about the hope it conveys for tomorrow, to take us collectively on the path of gratitude towards this Earth that nourishes us, in every sense of the word.

When we connect the courgettes or the strawberry plants to the Gaujacq Plant Music Sensor to extract their secret melodies and connect to the inaudible, it is then to the sacred that we suggest you reconnect, by gathering an emotion that will precede the culinary emotion.


Year after year, in a desolate area, what was essential had emerged: create a space for resources. This is how the greenhouse came into being in 2020, to reflect on resources... on recipes. Nasturtium and courgette flowers, parsnips, carrots and tomatoes, spinach and kale would share the space, in an approach of associated cultures. Aquaponics would be used alongside the permaculture approach, with the assistance of fish.

The poetry of the Myfood greenhouses had come along with this desire and contributed to the energy of a new dynamic, less disturbed by the often harsh climatic conditions, inviting us to rediscover the gustatory and nutritional essence of plants. Reconnecting with nature in order to be anchored in reality was also for this team of young agricultural engineers, more than a leitmotiv, the very DNA of a French company with global ambitions.


Water, a real subject. At the ecolodge, we enjoy spring water of high quality that feeds the Spa as well as the table. Because it is an essential resource for us, we wanted to make the most of it by doing away with plastic bottles since 2017 (for your lunch-boxes, we invite you to take your own water bottle with you, unless you want to purchase our own cocreated with Qwetch). At the table, in addition to still water, from the tap, without any taste of chlorine, we also offer you our sparkling water, carbonated on site.

And because we are aware that it is an opportunity to enjoy spring water, we wanted to have it analysed to find out its properties. Unsurprisingly, it is not very mineralized but it seemed interesting to us to realize that like any bottled water, it contains Calcium, Magnesium... Thanks Life! We gladly share with you the analysis that was made.


In 2020, with the desire to create a circular energy and virtuous cycle on the ecolodge site, a henhouse was set up next to the reception desk, in the immediate vicinity of the greenhouse. This is how vegetables and small fruits are produced, by enriching the compost with the chickens' excrements, collecting the eggs and recycling the food waste in return.

Here again, living things... for fresh eggs for breakfast as much as to invite us to rediscover the wonder of biodiversity. Silk hens, Padua, Bentam de Pékin, Cream Legbar with blue eggs, Marran with brown eggs... so many unique individuals who, beyond feeding us, make us aware that diversity marvellously nourishes uniqueness.