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This first massage of my life, these hands placed on me the very first time with the object of providing relaxation... honestly (and I pray the person who then placed her hands on me to excuse me), I hardly remember it. On the other hand, this massage connected to the here and now, like a suspended moment... from which I came out in tears of gratitude ; this one took place in South Africa more than ten years ago. It was the .th, it was like the first one. A moment of grace, a subtle invitation to surrender.

Since then, there have been many others, of all kinds, emotionally strong or not. Transforming sometimes, but once the cursor has been placed high in the scale of expectations (horrible, this expectation however !), aren't we "entitled" to expect a massage, beyond pure physical well-being. Because beyond the physical body, massage also touches our subtle bodies and our energy.

When we recently met Laure-Anne, a practitioner of intuitive massages, her proposals were obvious. Rituals proposed in the presence to the Other, to provide "link" between the different parts of the Being, harmony, vital energy.

In 48 hours, she apprehended this territory as connected to the instinct ; this raw and volcanic nature as highly revitalizing. The diagnosis made, followed an intuitive massage Spa menu as many invitations on your path of Life. In the awareness of the body as a precious vehicle of presence of the Self, in the very personalization of the act of massage.

And for you, is massage a personalized practice? What great moments would you like to share with us among the massages that moved you, perhaps transformed you? Did they participate in opening a new space in you?

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