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Have you ever wondered about the "accidents" of life? about meetings? These experiences on your path that you never imagined would happen, not even in your dreams, and that help build you beyond your dreams.

As long as they are big and clear enough, our dreams accompany us on our paths of Life.
If on the shores of Lac du Pêcher, we are used to the hazards of beautiful encounters and other synchronicity, it is because they have marked the life of the ecolodge since the discovery of the place (a meeting, a conversation on the slopes of Megève, improbable, isn't it?) to the different stages that have allowed us each year to climb the steps of life and make this place of life evolve. From now on, we even wish to provoke chance by creating the conditions for encounters, for encounters to come... in the course of the seasons.

But be careful, not just any meeting! From these meetings of aligned people who connect their actions to their souls, committed and contributing fully to the world of Tomorrow, carried that they are by the positive energy of creation, whatever the field. Thus we will have the pleasure of opening our door once a month and over a whole weekend, to a person meeting this definition, who will be invited to share our table and will thus be able to dialogue with as much with the team of the ecolodge as with our hosts, in an informal or more structured way, for example within the framework of a workshop of presentation of its Art.

The frame is set, light, in the pleasure of meeting and empathic listening. Everything is open according to the talents to be shared. It is in this state of mind and in this enthusiasm that we will welcome to open the Julien Peron Ball, on the occasion of the Pinatelle Wellness Day, next June 10th. Julien is delighted to share with us his film "What is happiness for you? ». A projection that is an obvious part of our agenda at the (upcoming) time to put online on our website: the White Book of Happiness, entitled "Weavers of Happiness? ».

What if life was basically made up of these famous accidents? What do you think? What are those dazzling synchronicities you have experienced and would like to share with us here?

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