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Has Art any other vocation than to connect us with our heart and inspire us? Is it not an invitation to feel the poetry and magic of Life by its very ability to communicate the power of life? To allow feel the universality of the things of life?

On an iconic site of the Auvergne’s Wilderness Lac du Pêcher is, from this spring on, a work of Art has taken shape, called Hydrosphere(s). A monumental work that calls to feel and vibrate of all the cells of our bodies. An inspiring work "that transcends the triviality of the usual object": the plastic bottle. It is by hundreds that they are to be found hoisted up a mast to form a dandelion, and mast after mast, creating a whole field of dandelions, "denatured (that they are) of their primitive function" in this elevation that appeals to the greatness of Man.

In a period of change, this work of Art by Alice & David BERTIZZOLO was selected by Hautes Terres Communauté to celebrate a label it was awarded as a Territory of Positive Energy for Green Growth. A label to address the many challenges of education for sustainable development, recycling and waste reduction, deployment of renewable energies.

A work of Art that vows to participate in raising awareness so that we should all feel that water, present on all continents, is available for only 0.01% for living beings. Feel and understand that plastic bottles from exhaustible fossil fuels constitute a continent of waste in the middle of the oceans (the seventh continent). Shouldn’t we all hear as well that the positive energies are a chance and a major stake of our time when all the cards are to be replayed ; that the energy of the sun illuminates, at night and on detection of movements, these dandelions of another type. Not the dandelion of Bessarabia, endemic species of Cantal, but the dandelion of Fons Nostre, the place that hosts this work. Fons Nostre is literally derived from latin, meaning "Our Spring", a true source of life that each of you during a visit, each of us, actually is responsible for.

Let us now make the wish that this place inspires you, that it instills in you that respect of a Sacred Nature, to protect and love. Let us make the wish that you have, in this "poetic immersion during which time is suspended," a magnificent journey! A journey to your heart, a journey to your soul, a journey with a thought in the direction of the Universe as the wish you send when we are blowing on a dandelion.

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