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What's real to you?

"Well now, let's go back to reality!" For a few years now, the leitmotiv of the end of stays at the ecolodge made us first asked ourselves: "Would we be cut off from reality? ", Then, we got amused ("what is reality?"). When Coralie joined our team this winter, at the Spa, we were willing to offer tools to "a new approach of reality". From next May on, every first week of the coming months (except August) until the end of the season, we will offer you a week of reconnection to nature and to your own nature. An exciting week to live around the Law of Attraction.

6 weeks, 6 opportunities to learn (in French) how to use the energy of your thoughts to co-deliberately (re)create your life, exciting, up to your desires.

This year, how about aligning your life with your desires?

In case you may wish to join, please contact us.

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