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Citrine, aventurine, malachite... these names, engraved in my cellular memory, have been familiar to me since my earliest childhood, and as I pronounce them, I see this little wooden box sprouting up, sheltering an infinite variety of stones that my older sister brooded like a treasure. Already without putting words on it, I feel how much in me resonated the meaning of alchemy, of the vibration of Life, at the heart of this mineral kingdom.

Faced with this chromatic exuberance, with the roughness or on the contrary with the softness of certain stones, I remained speechless, completely absorbed by contemplation. But these days, the stones reappear in my environment... and if this was a new path in Life?

Through colours and wavelengths, stones seem to convey certain messages, some therapeutic treatments will even say lithotherapists, convinced of the effects they induce on the body and mind. 

And while I wonder and open myself to this world as familiar as mysterious  this mineral world that speaks to my heart (are we not settled south of the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne, this land of lava stones?) but not yet to my body in terms of feelings, I exchange with Anne Kristin Becker met within the framework of a common training.

Formerly a stylist for Kenzo and Sonja Rykiel, Anne Kristin started creating jewellery... but what I don't know at the time of our first exchanges is that she is in connection with lithotherapy, creating on the basis of threaded or set stones. While she tells me about her desire to work with someone around her on the intersection between the chemical composition of stones and their energetic properties, to reconcile a scientific and sensitive approach, I let the desire to co-create the energetic jewel of Summer arise. In connection with the energy of this season precisely (Anne Kristin has gold in her hands... so be careful that it doesn't become the "summer hit"!!!)

We will have the pleasure to welcome her and start together this next season and time of summer holidays... from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 July, 2018.

What about you, are you sensitive to the power of stones? Do you have a lucky stone? stones that you carry on you? Would you be enthusiastic about co-creating this summer's jewel with Anne Kristin?

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