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"Here, there are 2 seasons only: July, 14th and Winter", it is with those words we were welcome by the former owners of a place that became the ecolodge, 11 years ago. Was it a line of humor? Which certainly did not frighten us ;-). July, 14th, by the way, was yesterday... Does that mean we've entered winter time? Certainly not if I notice the fact that our guests are having lunch on the terrace again today while watching the crested grebes still smouldering.

So here we are now, halfway through July and what I can feel more and more, year after year (the celebrations of the equinoxe and solstice greatly participate in this sensation), is to what extent the seasons here are vibrant, to what extent they connect us to our deep inner nature. In this month of July, deeply connected to my dreams for this year, I am now working ahead to put them in shape while taking care of remaining fair, not over-doing, not doing too much. For the time being, everything seems to be anchoring properly.

And this morning, I discover how July 2018 is a rich month with 2 eclipses including the longest eclipse of the century. When I say "I discover", I am talking about raw information, not about feelings or sensations. I'd be lying if I told you I could feel the eclipse. But in this awareness, I can connect myself to this lunatic, fantastic energy of introspection, and especially to this potential of feeling the Silence and the vibrations of the Universe... and thus, of feeling this deep Love for Life by feeling myself fully Being. To Be (first) in order to give the best of ourselves while doing, contributing. Full Master of my destiny, this is what I can feel strongly today from the depths of my cells, while this next lunar eclipse (Friday July, 27th.) already enchants me.

We will be in the front row from what I can read, in this horizontal vertigo that shapes the landscape enveloping like a jewel, the Lac du Pêcher (this mountain lake facing the ecolodge), without any obstacle nor light pollution. : https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/@6615932?iso=20180727

And you, how do you feel (or not) connected to this summer season? Can you feel how much the Being leads the Doing, or says differently, how much the Doing prolongs the Being? Or can you feel on the contrary your Being limited by the Doing, by the actions which make and found our daily lives?

Do you think it is possible to be Yourself in total freedom and connection with your passions, while in harmony with the Universe? 

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