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As a private home

« This landscape of distant horizons with a mountain character is for couples in search of escape. But also for parents who have the possibility to privatize the place and make it look like a family home.» (Monaco Monsieur, summer 2014)


« instants d’Absolu » ... the name of the ecolodge sounds more from the sphere of wellness than that of traditional hospitality accommodation. Willing to feel well with your beloved ones?
At « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa, set in a pristine remote place overlooking a 40 acre lake, wellness can not be measured from the surface of the Spa but through acres of wild and untamed nature that surround the establishment, intimate and friendly as a second home, alone on a high plateau.

How about considering a family meeting in the heart of France? To celebrate a birthday or just be all together.   A QUOTATION ?
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