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If you were to be told about Menet, it would definitely be around the stone that resonates in the deep harmony of this village. A discovery of an authentic Cantal that is among our suggestions on a scenic day's drive from the ecolodge.

A route full of surprises will first take you to the ruins of the ancient castle of Apchon. Then comes the village of Menet whose speciality (as you probably understood ;-) is the work of the stone. You may enjoy discovering no less than thirty works on the carved stone path. A one hour very accessible stroll amid the pastures.

Bassignac a bit further in the region offers a green track for the next stop and a possible mountain or electric bike parenthesis in the old station of Ydes / Champagnac.

On the way back, you will surely enjoy this dreamlike interlude during a stop at the delusional Gardens (“Jardins délirants”) where Michelle Dallon, as an artist, dresses up the trees in the colors of each season, in a most poetic way. Then you will cross a few villages of the Gentian country before returning to the ecolodge through the Cheylade valley.

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