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December 21st., 2012 ... do you remember?

It’s like it was yesterday, isn’t it? And yet, it was already 5 years ago, at a time when we were predicted the end of the world, according to the prophecy of the Maya. Some people, terrified by the news, took refuge in bunkers ; others prayed, hoping for better days.

I can remember going to bed on December 20th. thanking for Life whatever the future would be. By thanking for the moments of grace I had lived, for these beautiful trips connected to authentic meetings… here with David, in the United States, a Native American in the soul. There, with Roberto in Cuba, who joyfully taught us salsa after dinner, in a dining room revisited as a dance hall. Reviewing these good moments of childhood, complicity and laughter with Stéphanie at Maurice Alice School, the results of the “baccalauréat”, the day of the baptism of Ianis whom I have the honor to be the godmother... But also this sabbatical year I had offered myself in order to wander around France and write ("the ink is black bile", subject of the French “bac” in my memory), but also my meeting with Arnaud Desjardin (such pure energy of Love for an unforgettable meeting).

But I did also thank for those hard moments which finally – as far as we decide not to see them as adverse circumstances but rather as opportunities to learn, to become more sensitive and climb up the steps of Life - are revealed as gifts. When I was 6, my dad died. Such an event that could have plunged me in depression, made me realize the urgency to live, with a deep desire of Being. I do not remember, as far as I look back, a more shocking, a more traumatic event, to the point that any difficulty I have left since seems to me a simple pebble at the bottom of the shoe.

How about you? Since December 21st., 2012, how did you climb up the steps of Life? What energy did you put in to spread your wings? What difficulties have made you walk towards more awareness, more joy?

How about, in this new year 2018, deciding to adopt the "grattitude"? This attitude of openness invites to thank, to marvel at the beauty of the world and shine.

In a period of change as we can live, who does not see that this beauty of Life that unfolds every day is fraught with pain, lack of reference, fears? And yet, "everthing is pure to Him who is pure," keeps repeating the Wise man.

And what if we seized the chance of a new year to turn our hearts and our whole being towards the Light? If we could at least adopt 3 simple daily gestures, we could see Life pretty differently. Let me share my own practices of well-being ; those that are part of my joy in life and stimulate it every day:

  • starting the day with a smile and thanking for this new day that we are given, promising to be positive and serene whatever the circumstances, without any criticism, without any judgment,

  • breathing as deeply as possible and as often as necessary to let the mind rest and relax,

  • adopt two rituals for a better living:
    - one to anchor and channel emotions, such as a morning meditation or a greeting to the Sun (a great yoga classic),
    - the other one inviting to move in mindfulness and if necessary exit the over-flow of energy, such as an end-of-day walk.

So, are you ready to adopt the grattitude on this new Year?


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  1. Magnifique message, une source d’inspiration à méditer toute l’année, merci !

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