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Who among you has not dreamt of Vienna for its imperial atmosphere and Christmas markets, of Lapland for its reindeers carrying our Christmas gifts and all our children's desires, or of an island well off the coast of the world to recharge your batteries... What if a haven of Peace was much closer to your dreams?

And in this very end of beginning of New year, how about making the vow to celebrate Christmas in a remote Wow place, so far away..... and yet so close?

One imperative only: hurry up because with this long weekend in perspective, there will be demand. For this Christmas time so conducive to well-being, here are some great conditions.

And to enter the New Year in a Zen attitude, how about starting 2019 with lots of promises to your Self ? Let us give you a hand!

In an atmosphere mixing ice, snow and fire in Cantou, first of all let yourselves be amazed by a Christmas to be lived in complete carelessness, with no other concern than snowshoeing, horse riding or dog sledding. The enchanted forest of La Pinatelle is a real showcase for the ecolodge located opposite the (frozen) Lac du Pêcher.
The Spa invites daily you to contemplate this exceptional environment from the sauna, hammam or outdoor hot tub... without forgetting the pure happiness provided by massages and thala-source®... an exclusive feature of the ecolodge.
For skiing, Le Lioran resort is only a half-hour drive away.

This Winter, will you treat yourselves to well-being as much as to a change of scenery… in the sacred volcanic land of Auvergne?

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