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Your experiences

Are you willing to spend much more than holidays? A real transformational stay... in  Auvergne. For sure, we offer you timeless rare moments.

At 1150 m of altitude, on a site connected to the 4 seasons, we invite you to live a (re)connection to your own seasons and to the richness of the cyclicality it offers. On our side, we will gladly welcome you either on a staycation mode (rest not necessarily far from home) or on a workation mode (which combines work time and resourcing, inviting you to hear how our professional activity can be a pillar of our personal development). Unless you are just willing to discover the Cézallier high plateau.


Willing to live Winter to the full? What if you let yourself be won over by this sweet-home like energy that invites to go inward?
A time maybe to (re)think your life, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and to set your dreams in motion when Spring comes. That's the power of Winter.

Serge, a nature guide, will accompany you through the forest, looking out for animal tracks as you go, or taking you on a geological rediscovery of these highlands. (French speaking or understanding).

From € 406 per person, based on a double occupancy. The offer includes: 2 nights, breakfasts & dinners, as well as a daily complimentary access to the Spa and a Serge's guidance on a 2h time during your stay. Additional night: from € 168 per person. Valid from December, 1st. 2023 to February, 25th. 2024.


The mission of "workation" is to make telework rhyme with relaxation. And what if, even more, "workation" rhymed with inspiration?

NEW: After waking up with a lakefront incredible scenery, how would you enjoy a yoga session before breakfast? After working at your own pace, with a possible professional Internet connection from our meeting room, you may fancy a walk in the forest and then a timeless rare moment at the Boreal Spa to recharge your batteries. A massage to get you back in the saddle? Sooner or later, you may very well realize that work and well-being are not separate and that our professional contribution to the world is in itself a time for personal development. Your stay will be complemented by meals combining gourmet food and vitality, and quiet nights in an exceptional, preserved natural site, to regain your full health and energy.

From € 1,500 per person, based on a single occupancy. The offer includes: 5 nights (with a half-stay cleaning), breakfasts, vitality lunches ("basket" of vegetables and fruits in juice, dry and compote mode) & dinners, free access to the Spa, a yoga session, a 90 mn massage and a 60 mn-coaching with Isabelle. Program tailored to your expectations and objectives upon request. Valid all through the year, depending on availability.


What does it mean to you to get this feeling of escape just a few steps away from home, without having to go far away to get away from your daily life?

Since its opening in 2010, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa naturally invited the Auvergnats to enjoy their land by coming to live the banks of the Lac du Pêcher. To settle down, rest and do nothing... without feeling guilty at all, already found an echo on this remote place.

NEW: After waking up facing the lake, how would you like to spend a day with a detox dynamic ?

Rediscover the joy of a time of rest, like at home but better, by extracting yourself from the constraints of daily life and with a menu centered on vegetable-fruit juices, broths and infusions.

And day after day, take the time to weave this link between inner and outer ecology, in an approach combining vitality and soft nights on an exceptional natural site, preserved, to find your full health and energy.

From € 900 per person, based on single occupancy - € 1,100 based on double occupancy. The offer includes: 5 nights in a room with a lounge, forest view (special offer with no daily cleaning), breakfasts, lunches and dinners in vitality mode ("basket" of vegetables and fruits in juice mode, dried fruits and compotes, broths and infusions), free access to the Spa. Possible longer stays upon request. Valid all year round.


Willing to enjoy some bubbles of joy? To combine reading, daydreaming and resting time in order to bubble even more?

Isn't it daily... Christmas time, time to (treat yourself to) a book (in french) that invites you to contact the Journey, and in so doing, to contract the virus of Life. "Tant que voleront des bulles de savon", a book that opens and closes on this symbolic time of Christmas, which invites to transformation. With the soap bubbles of our childhood as a reminder, isn't it high time to send our most beautiful intentions to the Universe?

"A place, a book, a tenuous but strong link. It is indeed in the same energy and around the same values that I embarked on the writing of this book as in the creation of this haven of peace out of civilization", (Laurence Costa).

The offer includes the book and a surprise to add magic to life & a gourmet meal or an Ab[so]lu Spa for 2 only at "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa. From € 140 to 265 for 2 persons. Valid all time, as a gift card. For more information and reservations.


A desire to live closer to Nature and ultimately to feel connected to the Moon? What if you booked in our ultimate luxury bedroom: "Le Guetteur de Lune" (The Moonwatcher)?

More than a classic bedroom, it is a door open to a unique experience.

A special stay to enjoy the naturalist way... in a room opening onto a private terrace with, in the first row: the lake. A room placed in the connection to the Moon whatever the phase, for an invitation to intimacy.

From € 908 per person, based on a double occupancy. The offer includes: 4 nights, breakfasts & gourmet dinners, as well as a daily complimentary access to the Spa. Additional night: from € 227 per person with the same services. Valid all year round, and can be booked online.  


What if you suddenly decided to really escape? through the highlands... in Highlands mode, without losing sight of what this beautiful Scotland has to offer... but in central France. With a guide!

Then, perhaps you would take the measure of the great outdoors and fill up with space inside you...

From € 1,350 per person, on a double occupancy. The offer includes : 7 nights - 5 in the ecolodge, 2 in a guest house at the foot of Puy Mary -, breakfasts & dinners, 2 days of snow shoeing/hiking with lunch box, a daily complimentary access to the Boreal Spa during the stay at " instants d'Absolu " Ecolodge & Spa (each day for 90 mn. for 8 people max. at a time) and a morning of thala-source® for 2 only (oil bath, wrap, massage) as well as the access to the sauna and hammam of Alta Terra, the eco-participation to the ecolodge (for awareness of the shrike on the territory) and the local tax. The offer does not include: massages (on reservation, other than during the thala-source® morning), lunches (except the lunch box on 2 days), drinks. All year round, on request, by email, except in the high summer season (14 July to 21 August) and winter season (Christmas-New Year).


« instants d’Absolu » ... the name of the ecolodge sounds more from the sphere of wellness than that of traditional hospitality accommodation. Willing to feel well with your beloved ones?

At « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa, set in a pristine remote place overlooking a 40 acre lake, wellness can not be measured from the surface of the Spa but through acres of wild and untamed nature that surround the establishment, intimate and friendly as a second home, alone on a high plateau.

How about considering a family meeting in the heart of France? To celebrate a birthday or just be all together.

Quotation upon request. The offer includes: accommodation at the ecolodge as your private home, breakfasts & dinners, including a possible dinner at our mountain grill-chalet where to spend a fantastic moment, daily access to the Spa, house cleaning and Concierge service (massages, activities… upon request) for up to 26 persons, through the year. Book the ecolodge (on 2 nights minimum stay). Quotation upon request, except in high season.