. What is the point of writing into the Nature Park of Auvergne Volcanoes' regulations that dogs must be kept on a leash when nobody actually cares? " />
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We all probably remember a moment in our lives when we wished that time had stopped so that we could rewind the film and pick up the thread of life before it was scorned. Because we would naturally prefer the white, immaculate canvas rather than one soiled by violence.

On this beautiful Spring Sunday (28th. of March 2021), two dogs left to their own devices entered the gardens of the ecolodge where they came to dislodge 12 lovingly raised pullets whose eggs - oh marvel of nature! - had been feasting our guests for a short year. When they were blue, some of our guests, intrigued by the species that could lay them, came to ask us whom to thank. We then introduced Yellowstone, of the cream legbar breed, and were moved to witness this moment of communion between a human and a gallinacea... for the time of a « thank you, dear ! ».

Time would stop and in the heart of the Pinatelle forest, on the banks of the Lac du Pêcher, it was tinged with nostalgia... nostalgia for a time that we thought was over, when life took the time to flow peacefully to the rhythm of life. We often thought that we were in a bubble, protected from the aggressiveness of a world that seems to be moving too far, too fast.

On this beautiful Sunday, however, things were going to look different.

On this pre-summer afternoon, there would be enough walkers to watch, for more than an hour, two dogs come and go from the side of the henhouse where 11 hens of 7 different species and a rooster were standing - celebrating biodiversity - before going to tear off the wooden slats of the henhouse with their fangs and paws. An hour to kill, for no reason other than predation.
One hour to contemplate the disaster without flinching... on a private area of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park where dogs are required to be kept on a leash. In truth, this is scarcely so.

Since that day, a new desire to militate was born in us. A desire to give back to Life its sacred perfume... to do justice to the beauty, to the magic of the living. A desire to protect freedom too.

Because in the end, if the ecolodge may seem conceptual to many, for us, it is nothing more than a living space that celebrates the harmony of life, a place between lake, forest and volcano... far from the hustle and bustle of the world. With the desire to respect nature as much as to enhance it, without any desire to put it under a globe. No claim, no militant act supports the spirit of the ecolodge. On the contrary, it is meant to be the result of a feeling of deep gratitude.

On this beautiful spring Sunday, while we felt like shouting our anger as much as crying our sadness, for the very first time, we are campaigning... not only for these poor pullets whose end was undoubtedly quite agitated, terrifying without even having been taken for consumption. We are campaigning against a growing insensitivity towards living beings, against measures and laws enacted for nothing. What is the point of writing into the Nature Park regulations that dogs must be kept on a leash when nobody actually cares? How many times have we come across dogs being let loose in the ecolodge gardens? At the end of winter, a large long-haired dog was already interfering with the chicken coop. That day we were present and alert enough to intervene... perhaps in time. How many times did we inform the walker - long before the henhouse was installed - who more often than not shrugged his shoulders at what he probably considered to be useless information. Of course, he was not fined. But how sad life is when it does not grow on us; when it does not make us responsible for our actions and those that result directly from them.

We often hear the deer castigated for predating the buds of the landowners' conifers in the Pinatelle forest. The fox is castigated for its misdeeds against henhouses. The wolf also is castigated... But what about the dog, left to its own devices and whose predations are no small matter? ... Ludovic informs us, while telling us about the tragic end of our pullets. As a keen observer of natural areas, he has more than once noted the damage done by dogs not kept on a leash in so-called protected areas, particularly to roe deer.

Today, beyond anger, beyond sadness, we are campaigning for domestic and wild life to be protected, to be watched over, in a concern for the harmony of the world and for living well together, which expresses all the potential magic of this land, far from the noise of our time. Because we wish to heal this wound, to wash away this carnage, by raising our life even higher to an enchanted world, where the living would not just be relegated to the rank of economically viable or interesting. Where nature should be a source of wonder, peace and joy. Because there are places where Life is worth all the treasures in the world, far from the ambient cynicism that agitates our time. In thought, forming this wish, with Etna (of Padua race), Yellowstone, Kirishima & Kilauea (of Negro race), Vesuvius (Sussex), Merapi & Semeru (Ayam Cemani), Mary & Villarica (Faverolles)... and their rooster, Stromboli, as so many tributes to the living and to the volcanoes of the world.

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