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Private Table

A private dining room for a meal to share... as in a family home: the ecolodge can accommodate up to 12 guests around the same table for culinary emotions in front of an awe-inspiring natural site.


15 minutes away from Murat, discover at the restaurant, a new private room facing the Lac du Pêcher for a gourmet moment around the table.

A large table up to welcome 12 guests invites you to a tasty journey between land and lake for a “FAIT MAISON” gourmet cuisine elaborated throughout the seasons, in low temperature for vitality.

For any reservation of this private space, we will ask you € 200 deposit by credit card. Pets are not allowed.



Willing to celebrate a great moment with the family or friends? To enjoy precious moments?

Far from the noise of the world, out of time, come and enjoy the hushed atmosphere of the ecolodge and a delicate cuisine in the form of a unique shared menu. As soon as you arrive, you will immediately feel at ease: here, you can be sure to enjoy a privileged moment.

Our offer includes (for up to 12 persons) around a 4 meter-long table facing Lac du Pêcher:

  • the aperitif, time to celebrate this time together,

  • a starter,

  • a main course,

  • cheese selection,

  • a gourmet dessert.

The choice is yours of a meal washed down with Champagne or a wine & food pairing, unless you wish to choose your bottles on site (to define at the time of your reservation, together with the choice of the menu).

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