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A residential seminar

« This type of holiday is an opportunity for all of us to step back. The place is conducive to stimulate our creativity », Franck Moreau for Michelin – (La Montagne, April 2012)


A 100 m² meeting room positioned in the attic with windows overlooking the Lac du Pêcher (lake) makes of « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa a unique venue for seminars focused on wellness, what’s more offering moments of a much deeper work without intrusive mobile phones to disturb the meetings.
A confidential place able to sensitize participants to the knowledge and respect of the environment, on such a natural site, labelled “Natural Sensitive Area”. A rare opportunity to broaden your horizons. The site is also particularly conducive to meetings on a stressless management for a greater control and clarity or executive meetings to chart new paths.

For any request (upon quotation, including coffee-tea-fruit juice & homemade cakes refreshing breaks):
At your disposal : Paper & pencils, flat TV screen with possible projection from the computor, paper-board, Wifi access, our spring water, post-it XXL paper-notes.
Upon request : screen and video projector.

Nature Package

€ 225 per person and per day in a residential offer (3 meals), single basis & € 165, twin basis

Last minute

(within a month, depending on availability), please contact us for a preferential nature package ...

... including:

continental breakfast,

lunch (main dish, gourmet coffee),

semi-gourmet dinner in the restaurant,
and meeting room free of access (breaks extra)

Offer valid from lunch to lunch D+2 - for requests of minimum 2 nights and 8 persons (excluding Friday-Saturday and school holidays).


Other offers - upon quotation

For an optimised seminar, we are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made stay that can include:

  • a full buffet breakfast,

  • lunch (starter, main course, dessert, ¼ wine and coffee),

  • dinner with food and wine pairing, including a possible blind dinner for "epi-curious" or else an informal dinner at the grill,

  • wellness time at the Spa side with a possible relaxing neck and upper back massage,

  • but also a guided nature outing under the starlit sky,

  • and of course a meeting room with breaks.


The Musts for a unique stay

The Musts to add to your seminar, that will make your stay unique and unforgettable:

  • 1. an exceptional natural site: inspiration, change of scenery and isolation, far from the distractions of the world

  • 2. a meeting room: combine classic work space & informal space (floor seating & yoga mats)

  • 3. possible wellness breaks: put well-being at the heart of your company dynamics

  • 4. free access to the Spa: the well-being of your collaborators can be optimised by massages

  • 5. an interpretive-trail: anchor Nature awareness at the heart of your company's values


and more...

  • 6. 6,000 acres of forest all around: run and or get some fresh air, alone or together

  • 7. a possible evening observation of the sky: after dinner, a time to (re)connect with our higher Self

  • 8. at the table: combine gourmet dinners with times of shared culinary emotions, at the grill chalet or during a surprise candlelit dinner

  • 9. a hot-air balloon flight: inject magic into the heart of your seminar

  • 10. more than a place... timeless rare moments to weave around a fully coherent offer.

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