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A residential seminar

« This type of holiday is an opportunity for all of us to step back. The place is conducive to stimulate our creativity », Franck Moreau for Michelin – (La Montagne, April 2012)


Do we need to embody and drive the change that these times call for?
Do you need to anchor it in the long term?

More than just a remote awe-inspiring place, "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa will work with you, as a partner, for times of work and real exchanges without the disruption of mobile phones and other text messages.

A confidential place, in the heart of the Auvergne’s Wilderness for optimised time for reflection and creativity, to which you can add environmental awareness, so natural on this site classified as a Sensitive Natural Area. With the 4 seasons to reconnect us with our own seasons.

The ecolodge is also the perfect place for a truly relaxing experience to relieve stress, and for management meetings to chart new paths.


Do you need to organise your next Management Committee to improve cohesion and performance?

If you have the desire to open up new horizons, new places, new spaces, new times, that reconnect everyone to their own well-being, and in so doing, help them to refocus on their talents and their essential intelligence, for the benefit of the company as a whole, we look forward to hearing from you.

For any request (on quotation, including breaks) :
- Available: A4 paper & pencils, flat-screen TV with computer projection, flipchart, Wi-Fi access, carafe of our spring water, giant repositionable post-its.
- On request: screen, video projector.

From personal benefits for everyone to improved collective performance, on an exceptional natural site that is laying the foundations for better living together, through positive "virality".



Because for us, entrepreneurship means daring to draw from the heart of our ambitions, without fear or inhibition, and going to the source of our resources to co-create a world in which it is good to live today...

... it also means serving the causes that are dear to us and having a beneficial impact on the world, for a peaceful society, reconciled with its humanity and reconnected to its ecosystem. A society that firmly believes in Tomorrow.

It is with this in mind that we have laid the foundations of the Travel po-éthics that underpins the entire structure and development of our lodge.

A dynamic nominated by the Chamber of commerce and industry for the Trophées des entreprises cantaliennes 2023, that won the prize in the category: They feel concerned.



Ready to Take Off?

Here is a new exclusive, all-inclusive immersion for entrepreneurs 4 times a year (in french language so far, but possibly in English upon request).

Because in a world of profound transformation, the new ecological and ethical deal is imposing itself as a matrix, reshuffling all the cards, revealing a new paradigm based on the very idea that biodiversity guides us, shows us the way in all areas (spiritual, intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, political...).

Here is the best of our professional stay offer to lay our stone to the building of a new world. An invitation to navigate with agility, to build as a strategist by touching the centre, the alignment, in flexibility.

Would you like to be part of such an immersion for 10 entrepreneurs only?





On the remote unspoilt site of Lac du Pêcher, we offer much more than just a setting: we offer a place to recharge our batteries and renew ourselves in the light of the mirror that nature holds up to us, reflecting back to us our own human nature, biologically healthy, serene and caring.
Here are just a few examples of what's on offer to create wonder and cohesion:

- An interpretation trail that, over the course of an hour, allows you to anchor an awareness of Nature at the heart of your company's values,

- An informal dinner in the mountain pastures or a chic lunch time in the forest,

- Access to the Boreal Spa offering a meditation area, a rejuvenating bath on the edge of the lake, a sauna, a steam room... and a treatment cave for massages at the end of the day,

- A guided outing under the stars to discover the deep sky, an invitation to open up to something bigger than oneself,

- At the time of working: a maximised meeting room with a traditional work area and an informal space (floor seating and yoga mats available),

- A hot-air balloon flight to inject magic into your seminar,

- a 6,000-acre-forest, genuine jewel case of nature for running around and getting some fresh air, on your own or together,

- Support from a Coach to validate your expectations, take stock and ensure that the benefits of your stay go on.