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A residential seminar

« This type of holiday is an opportunity for all of us to step back. The place is conducive to stimulate our creativity », Franck Moreau for Michelin – (La Montagne, April 2012)


A 100 m² meeting room positioned in the attic with windows overlooking the Lac du Pêcher (lake) makes of « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa a unique venue for seminars focused on wellness, what’s more offering moments of a much deeper work without intrusive mobile phones to disturb the meetings.
A confidential place able to sensitize participants to the knowledge and respect of the environment, on such a natural site, labelled “Natural Sensitive Area”. A rare opportunity to broaden your horizons. The site is also particularly conducive to meetings on a stressless management for a greater control and clarity or executive meetings to chart new paths.

For any request (upon quotation, including coffee-tea-fruit juice & homemade cakes refreshing breaks):
At your disposal : Paper & pencils, flat TV screen with possible projection from the computor, paper-board, Wifi access, our spring water, post-it XXL paper-notes.
Upon request : screen and video projector.


Ready to Take Off? Here is a new exclusive, all-inclusive immersion for entrepreneurs 4 times a year (in french language so far, but possibly in English upon request).

Because in a world of profound transformation, the new ecological and ethical deal is imposing itself as a matrix, reshuffling all the cards, revealing a new paradigm based on the very idea that biodiversity guides us, shows us the way in all areas (spiritual, intellectual, artistic, cultural, social, political...).

Here is the best of our professional stay offer to lay our stone to the building of a new world. An invitation to navigate with agility, to build as a strategist by touching the centre, the alignment, in flexibility.


Would you like to be part of such an immersion for 10 entrepreneurs only? WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXCHANGE IDEAS TO FIND OUT MORE?

Other offers - upon quotation

For an optimised seminar, we are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made stay that can include:

  • a full buffet breakfast,

  • lunch (starter, main course, dessert, ¼ wine and coffee),

  • dinner with food and wine pairing, including a possible blind dinner for "epi-curious" or else an informal dinner at the grill,

  • wellness time at the Spa side with a possible relaxing neck and upper back massage,

  • but also a guided nature outing under the starlit sky,

  • and of course a meeting room with breaks.


The Musts for a unique stay

The Musts to add to your seminar, that will make your stay unique and unforgettable:

  • 1. an exceptional natural site: inspiration, change of scenery and isolation, far from the distractions of the world

  • 2. a meeting room: combine classic work space & informal space (floor seating & yoga mats)

  • 3. possible wellness breaks: put well-being at the heart of your company dynamics

  • 4. free access to the Spa: the well-being of your collaborators can be optimised by massages

  • 5. an interpretive-trail: anchor Nature awareness at the heart of your company's values


and more...

  • 6. 6,000 acres of forest all around: run and or get some fresh air, alone or together

  • 7. a possible evening observation of the sky: after dinner, a time to (re)connect with our higher Self

  • 8. at the table: combine gourmet dinners with times of shared culinary emotions, at the grill chalet or during a surprise candlelit dinner

  • 9. a hot-air balloon flight: inject magic into the heart of your seminar

  • 10. more than a place... timeless rare moments to weave around a fully coherent offer.

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