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2010 : creation of "instants d' Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa

A luxury ecolodge located in the Auvergne's Wilderness...

in Cantal, land of volcanoes...

Because wishes and desires activate our life forces and keep our cells and our whole being in good shape, shouldn't we let ourselves be carried away by the love of our life projects?

On our first visit to what was to become the ecolodge (March 2007), before we even thought of a Spa, there was this space behind the barn that made sense to us: no doubt we could position a hot tub there, with a view to enjoying the sunset at best and allow you to fully enjoy this exceptional natural environment, without getting cold. At that time, there was just nothing outdoor. Indoor, where what became the Spa, were meeting rooms.

Very quickly followed an even stronger desire: what if we created a Spa with a sauna and a steam bath?

With the conviction to set up an intimate space at the bow of the ship, we projected a hot tub from where to observe the duck flights and deers that would come to drink at the lake... as well as a sauna opening onto the forest, and a Nordic steam bath like a barrel directly overlooking the lake and the Monts du Cantal (anciant peaks of the volcano) from the window facing it.

Françoise brought us her energetic approach to massage, which has been with us ever since. A regenerative, benevolent approach, beyond the simple physical body. In recent years, we have added thala-source® to the offer: the flavor of thalassotherapy with volcanic clay, coupled with our spring water.

Trained in reïki and having opened up to the energetic approach to well-being further to a geobiology course, Daniel has been adding this vibratory listening of the body to the overall massage offer for the past years. An offer that Coralie and Laure-Anne came, in their own way, to develop in a dynamics of full awareness, inviting the guest to be a consum’actor, in other words, fully present and not just a receiver. The "massage that makes sense", which takes into consideration the listening of our 5 senses, has been structured as a bridge between the table and the Spa for a holistic approach of well-being if not of good-living.

2020: new features after the works

at the Spa with a new steel bath, a meditation room and a new cabin for massages

As part of the next construction work for the 10th. Anniversary of the ecolodge : in the Spa, we will change the hot tub for an onsen (noiseless japanese style bath) that will bring other benefits in that same vibratory approach of life. Chromotherapy and underwater music will be the key words for a bath that purifies the soul as much as the body.

A new massage cabin will also give us the opportunity to satisfy requests from people who do not stay at the ecolodge... from next April 2020.

Willing to join our community of pionniers reconnecting to Nature and food ? Please feel free to do so quickly!

What else? Or rather what's next? With this 10th. Anniversary, we still have a wish, which, beyond the work, brings us into this dynamics of good living : be more than ever a place dedicated to AMAZEMENT. We'll tell you more very soon.

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