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Would the World be running in an accelerated mode? I can hear the tiredness of some people around me, the deep need of slowing down of others who call me in the urgency of a next reservation... just to breathe. And as I can read that the resonance of Schumann (the pulsating frequency of our Planet Earth) has peaked in the last months, as I can hear sensitive people telling  me how they felt this last « Moon of the Wolf », one thing only comes to mind:

Shall we take some time for ourselves? In a total benevolence towards oneself but beyond oneself, towards the World, our loved ones, our friends, our children born or to be born... in short, for our Humanity who just needs it and deserves it. Because ultimately, taking care of oneself is taking care of the rest of the world.

This little voice that passed through me, I tried to listen deeper to what it had to tell me. Yeah, what's that? when? For a weekend? The weekend, for us, is actually the busiest time of the week... So shall I need to mention that it's clearly not what that little voice blew in my face. No, the idea is quite different... the idea is that of destemming the days of time in suspension, of minutes that flow by the « drop by drop ».

And naturally I posed in the middle of the afternoon. Around 4:00 pm., at the gourmet time of the day, I tasted in all my conscience and benevolence the landscape that faced me: a frozen lake, trees looking like ghosts after the last snows, bathed in white, and the silence, pure and almost deafening. I sniffed the ice perfume, stoned the snow, stroked the curvature of the ridges with my eyes. And I breathed, intensely, joyfully, letting some fragments of Poetry from my friend and author Corinne Pradier come to the surface at the same time:
"We threaten to disappear
under the black and blue of life,
I can see through the window
the blue sky,

Rediscovering this Lifestyle of the Break is what is at stake: so essential to the rejuvenation of the body and the rest of the soul. In this renewed understanding, I made a pact with myself: every day from now on, I wish I could rediscover this time for myself over the hours of one day.

It would start with a morning meditation immediately after waking up. This moment, in truth, I rarely miss it because it is so crucial to me to maintain a relationship as fair as possible with the World.

Then it would follow on around 10 :00 am., this classic time of slackening where everyone recognizes that he or she loses efficiency and vigilance. An ideal moment of greedy decompression: time for a green or white tea for its antioxidant properties. Either that I drink it with a SIMPLE THINGS magazine... turn a few pages and let myself be won over by the joy of the moment fully savoured.

At lunchtime, finally, if I really listen to myself, I'm not very hungry. Isn't this an opportunity to take a few steps? Just to catch the air and the pulse of the Earth, to go and salute a large pine tree here by getting back into the feeling as if I had been in this forest bath that Audrey gave me recently. Forest bath, huh? I promise, I'll talk to you soon! Getting moving, certainly, is also enough to boost your energy.

And then, if there were to be a last break to which not to derogate (the others will only be bonus and bloom with Spring), it would definitely be a rest time in the second half of the day. A time when the light no longer makes it possible to distinguish the dog from the wolf, this dim light that I am so fond of. A time for interiority. Some qi gong sequences, listening to sung mantras, a self-massage, a moment of reading, a time of daydreaming. In short, does it matter what as long as you have the moment for you ?

Now, would you mind sharing your rituals to take care of your own self?

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