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Auvergne, Your New World

Synonymous with naturalness, but also of human connection and creativity and based on the utopia of a different relationship to Life, Auvergne, Your New World is an invitation to a pure wellbeing.

Every journey begins with wonder. Between XXL Nature and Fascination. Between volcanoes and pristine lakes, the Great Auvergne has become magnetic, irresistible ; where Luxury finds here its very first expression: Space.

Benevolent, the countryside hosts a rare biodiversity, set in motion since the beginning of the decade to offer an even more attractive and preserved space. This is a land where to experience a unique quality of life. Welcome to Auvergne, Your New World !


Patagonia? Could be but… welcome to Cézallier to discover a scenic day.

Fancy a scenic day? Head for the Cézallier plateau, reachable by a road dotted with mountain huts, through rough and unspoiled landscapes.

On such remote lands, several walking trails will invite you to wonderful moments and a real culinary discovery: "L'Ecir & L'Angélique", pub where Helen & "Jean des Plantes" will welcome you for a joyful lunch time with special meals and friendly conversations. You may possibly drive on the way back through Blesle, ranked among the "Most Beautiful Villages of France". Detailed itinerary available at the reception of the ecolodge.


Ranked “Grand Site of France”, Puy Mary invites you to a wonderful contemplative day of hiking in majestic landscapes.

Puy Mary is a MUST SEE in this magnificent department of Cantal which invites to live and feel, more than visit in the tourist meaning of the word. However on the road, the Maison de site in Dienne the Maison de site in Dienne (Great Site house) with temporary exhibitions may prompt you to better understand this natural environment and the fascinating geology of the Puy Mary.

And if you’d like to go even higher, you may wish to book a baptism paragliding flight? Quite a breathtaking moment.

You may drive back through the Cheylade valley, stopping at waterfalls and charming villages with lovely churches.

Detailed itinerary available at the reception of the ecolodge.