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A Boreal Spa in Cantal Auvergne

« You get pampered at Spa, relax in the hot tub which, from the terrace facing the lake, takes on another dimension: a real dive into nature. Here it is all about rest, muffled silence, let go, wellness and escapism »
(Le Progrès - January 2012)


  • Access to the Spa for people staying at the ecolodge - complimentary for adults only - for a period of 90 minutes for a maximum of 8 people at a time (between 3.00 pm and 7.30pm).

    At the Ecolodge, Spa benefits are enhanced by strolls in the forest and many other nature-related activities, all aiming at your wellness as well as thala-source® NEW approach to more globally wellbeing.

The boreal Spa opens onto a natural area that is iconic of the Auvergne's Wilderness. A timeless place combining the virtues of spring water and the no less precious virtues of an exceptional environment. In the late afternoon, you will enjoy the Spa designed for QUIET REST, RELAXATION, & RESOURCING, moments of total peacefulness in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes.


Immerse yourself: sound vibration (underwater) comes together with chromotherapy or colour vibration for a very special experience. Feel that everything is vibration, We are vibration. What if you tuned to the symphony of Life?

Enjoy a unique setting for a bath of purification of the soul as well as of the body. In stainless steel, it can be appreciated in the contemplation of herons and egrets hovering around or grebes parading, participating in the magic of Nature exhuberance.


Relive the warmth sensation that mountaineers experience in a mountain shelter after a cold trek in the snow.

Relax and warm your body in the sauna, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the timeless charm of a wooded area opening onto the forest in the distance. Before an ice-cold shower.


Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of the steam baths, Nordic hammam in barrel or (depending on the number of visitors) a collective granite grey hammam cabin. Here, breathe in a cocktail of essential oils before enjoying a scrub (possibly with black soap).


Willing to reconnect to the land, the forest, the ocean... to yourself in the end?

Because we all have in our memories a "madeleine" that blooms resinous and distant journeys. Because an olfactory shower can amplify the full awareness that allows you to make the most of it, this spring we wanted to offer you a new experience of well-being: a possible shower with essential oils Skinjay.

Filled with the finest plant extracts and natural and organic essential oils, Skinjay capsules are elixirs of pure nature, beneficial for the body and mind. Collection of fragrances, the ODYSSEY regulate emotions, delight the senses and help to refocus. € 10 the capsule.

Meditation room

Vowing to come here to recharge your batteries, let go in this space that invites you to feel the space within you.

Purification and opening onto the forest in the distance for an audio-guided meditation to experience, in music or on a spoken mode. Because forgetting mental well-being would be missing out on total rejuvenation.
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