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Meditating 20 minutes a day for five days at a stretch would be enough to reduce stress. Case studies show the following information. Enough excitement to start, won’t yout?

So, allow us to give you 5 good... no, 5 wonderful reasons to (definitely) get you meditating starting no later than September 27th. And this time, it is no longer time to procrastinate.

The 1st reason: let's admit you book your weekend (from Thursday September 27th to Monday October 1st, 2018) on the shores Lac du Pêcher. You will soon understand this is an exceptional natural site that makes half the way of the work to your place. No lying! It is a place of raw and wild nature so cut off from civilization that it invites you to pose in silence all at once. Not the slightest pollution: neither noise nor light nuisance (at night, we can rediscover the sky and its immensity). We can also figure out to what extent nature is reconnecting us to our fundamental, good and joyful nature.

The 2nd reason is the meeting that awaits you with Vincent Givord, a magnificent person that we welcame in 2016 as a being of Light who landed on Planet Earth... to lead you in conscience, in all benevolence and with this unconditional love that comforts. The extra unexpected chance: he is deeply linked to the invisible that can open other doors. We did welcome him for an unforgettable Lake Life Parenthesis to meet the spirits of Nature. Those who took part in it carry this moment engraved in them forever. Please note guidance is in french.

The 3rd reason, for having lived experiences of meditation in monasteries and other ashrams (without criticizing them in any way; I found there what I was looking for), is to be able to combine comfort, wellness AND time for meditation at the ecolodge. In other words, a place to start meditating without the austerity of the ashram.

4° reason and not the least: combine an offer of an exceptional place and an accommodation rate at a friendly price since this stopover is offered with accommodation at the ecolodge OR in a gite 5 km away. A small gite in the heart of the village of Chalinargues. But you will deinitely take all your meals and receive your teachings on the shores of Lac du Pêcher.

Finally, 5th and last reason: the world is changing and the technology that has become an integral part of our daily lives brings with it an exhausting distraction. So, without wanting to frighten you (this certainly is not the goal), isn't it high time to step back from your daily life? To offer you this necessary breathing time (here or elsewhere, anyway) to allow you live better Tomorrow? to be more aligned and in phase with your desires, your contribution...

Willing to join for meditation? Here is the program! Click here!

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