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The Pinatelle soul

« From the Lodge, enjoy a natural setting that alone justifies the trip: a 20-acre lake, 2.500 hectares of pine tree forest that are home to deer ... » (www.jevoyagedurable.com - April 2010)


When exiting the ecolodge, an interpretation trail will give you the basics of understanding a forest dotted with lakes and volcanic peaks. You’re away for 4 to 5 hours of a dreamlike stroll to discover the magical scenery of the Frau Collanges and the Lac de Sauvages in high pastures where, depending on the season, you may eat at the little inn of the same name.

And if you should like to add a touch of romance to this day out, rent a boat and go sailing on the plateau. Detailed itinerary available at the reception of the ecolodge.


A day of hiking in the very heart of the forest will allow you enjoy a variety of environments dotted with small villages and hamlets.

When exiting the ecolodge, this route takes you on a day hiking under forest cover.

Up to you for a stop in the small village of Chalinargues where to discover the picturesque church bell tower. Further on, make a stop at the small hamlet of La Boissonnière with its couple of potters craftsmen of Art. And don't miss La Roche aux Fruits for a good sorbet to enjoy: gentian, blueberries, blackberries... Plants and berries of the forest are in the spotlight.

On the way back, the Pottery at La Boissonnière will prompt you to other daydreams. Detailed itinerary available at the reception of the ecolodge.


«The Auvergne’s Wilderness at its best. Stroll around the lake on Nature trails, watch the lapwings and other grebes from the bird observatory or even do deer-spotting deep in the forest.

In the heart of the Pinatelle pine forest, « instants d’Absolu » Ecolodge & Spa looks like a boat on the lakeshore – a place where you can live moments of rare pleasure, quiet days modulating the peacefulness of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking horizons marked by a true mountain character: the magnificent setting of the Cantal mountains, lakes and bogs born from glaciers, pine tree forests, vast mountain pastures...