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Chronicle of a post COVID-19 holiday

In a hotel that invites you to experience the luxury of nature in the green heart of France

Dear guests of yesterday and tomorrow, we hope you're feeling good in this post-confinement period which challenges us all so much as it calls for agility and the opening of new horizons. We could not therefore better understand your concern and your questions, which invite us to revisit our functioning for a reopening adapted to the circumstances.

Above all, however, isn’t it first necessary to remind or inform you that :

* the ecolodge is a remote home posted on a 6,000-acre-forest, the Pinatelle. Alone, it faces the Lac du Pêcher, a poetic mountain lake against a background of puys and volcanic crests.

* This territory is quite authentic, not really tourist and it is customary for our guests to come across only a few deer, a family of ermines or a fox on a day walk...

* Last but not least: the ecolodge is an intimate house of 1,400 m² that can accommodate a maximum of 24 guests, beyond the 8 people that make up our team, when at full speed. A house with no neighbours closer than 3 kms away, in the Pinatelle land that radiates good living.

Even better living at the reopening on June 19th., 2020 for the Summer solstice

Recharging your batteries and being reborn in contact with nature

By opening up new, distant horizons… enabling you to see far away

Restaurant or no restaurant?:

- While our Chef (who is partially unemployed at this time) is making his range of dishes around chocolate (from mousse to ganache, including desserts, crunchy biscuits...) to treat you at best, we are thinking about offering, perhaps a single menu each day, which will allow those who would not like to spend too much time at the table to be able to eat in a short time, even if it is not that epicurean usual flavour of the house.

- we can already imagine, depending on the number of people who will be on site:

- the possibility of two courses for the dinner. Let us mention that our restaurant welcomes a less than 30 persons on a surface of 80 m² completed, in the summer time, by a terrace overlooking the lake (too high in altitude for mosquitos !!). For 10 years now, the symbolic metre that separates each table has been widely established, far from the preoccupation with the virus that we are currently dealing with, but as a criterion of intimacy and quality of time shared.

- the possibility, at breakfast time, to offer a service at the table instead of the buffet, as we did when we opened 10 years ago. Would it make sense to ultimately consider room service when enjoying and contemplating distant horizons helps to open up other horizons for us? infinite, joyful.

- to go on offering you, at lunch time (when our restaurant is classically not open): picnic and lunch on the grass in wicker baskets (with home-made preserves).

Referring to the 10th. anniversary of the ecolodge, we had planned to blow out 10 candles (on June 4th., 2020) a lot of work to give the full measure of the ecolodge. Notably a new terrace, facing the lake, which will allow to spread out a little more, if necessary, the guests who would like to resolutely stay away.

Discovering basic preventive health, based on wellness

Let yourself be splashed by Life, wild and authentic

While feeling protected

At the Spa:

- from the reopening, we are planning to extend the access time to the Spa with slot reservations, and the possibility for families (with children over 12 years old) to go there, with a view to increased well-being for all in such period that requires, more than ever, that we take care of ourselves, of our fundamental health, by strengthening our immune defences.

NB: It makes us smile to think that 18 months ago we had already considered replacing the jacuzzi for a stainless steel bath; this for a dynamic approach to healing in the sense of fundamental health, through vibration (musical waves & colors for chromotherapy). We had already, and for a long time, fully taken the measure of what our humanity, far away from nature (for its great majority, in cities), needed to reconnect and find by mirror effect, its own nature, by nature unpolluted. The greenhouse and the henhouse are in the same perspective to reconnect with the living and our food.

As for the rooms, there is a brand new one, which will benefit from a private terrace. "Le Guetteur de Lune" (the Moonwatcher) will also invite you to come and live the immersive experience of a stay in the heart of nature, particularly in connection with the Moon that the lake shimmers nightly to deliver us, all the poetry of the world.

Additional measures:

- dispensers (pedal-operated, therefore without hand contact) of hydroalcoholic gel will be available on site.

Beyond the obvious measures to be put in place, are currently questioning us... the importance of offering wilderness wellness, such as yoga sessions on a terrace overlooking the volcanic peaks. Offers enabling you to re-birth to Life.

Lastly, we would like to specify or remind you, dear guests of yesterday and tomorrow: according to the order 2020-315, any stay that should be cancelled due to infection related to COVID-19 may be postponed for the next 18 months. Knowing that, still in accordance with the ordinance, at the end of the 18 months, you will be able to cancel your stay, if you wish, and we guarantee you a refund.

As a conclusion, here are the measures that we have taken on this May 12th. 2020, while not being able to decently set things in stone when Life challenges us and ultimately invites us to adapt. It is therefore what we will do above all every day, in a posture as close as possible to the circumstances that call for an intelligence of adaptation.

We look forward to welcoming you for even more timeless rare moments of rejuvenation, in a land of Nature exhuberance, in the heart of secret, volcanic, unique France.

With warm regards,

Laurence & Daniel, creators of "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa
As a tribute to Nature: www.ecolodge-france.com
By aspiration & inspiration: www.thebestofnature.net

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