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Do you remember? Last year, we welcame at the ecolodge the work of LandArt Hydrosphères by Alice & David BERTIZZOLO, selected by Hautes Terres Communauté to celebrate their award as a "Territory of Positive Energy for Green Growth".

And for nearly 6 months each day, I observed the monumental work that transcended the triviality of this common object which is the plastic bottle while creating a field of giant dandelions. That you'd think had come straight out of Alice in Wonderland’s tale.

At the end of October, when the work was dismantled, suddenly... every cell of my body felt... the need to recycle these plastic bottles from exhaustible fossil energies which constitute a continent of waste in the middle of the oceans (the seventh continent). And beyond that, the nonsense of all these single-use water bottles.

With last spring came the decision to create our own water flask. Enthusiastic by such made-to-measure realization, we wished to invite it also at the restaurant under the spotlights ;-) ! Co-created with the complicity of Qwetch, a French brand combining creativity, a playful & relaxed spirit and respect for the environment - all values also inscribed in the DNA of the ecolodge - this nomadic bottle is made of stainless steel, an alloy based on natural elements such as iron, nickel and chrome.

A TRUE WISH THAT WE’RE GLAD TO EXPLAIN: these are, on the one hand, components widely present on the Earth's crust whose availability is estimated to last about 150 years, compared to 20 to 50 years for other metals ;  whose current production is almost 60% from recycling and whose robustness and corrosion resistance make of it a material with a very long lifespan, thus promoting waste reduction.

But beyond the concern for our Planet Earth, this flask proves to be a healthy and virtuous material for our health: based on iron, one of the mineral salts essential to the good functioning of the body (used to transport oxygen by red blood cells) knowing that iron deficiency is one of the most widespread nutritional problems in the world. However, it is said that 1/5 of daily iron intake would come from our cookware.

Nickel is not very widespread in our body (less than 500 micrograms), yet it is also essential to health and acts in many chemical reactions, especially in the lungs. According to the French Food Safety Agency (Afssa), our daily needs of around 75 micrograms would be covered by our food and the use of stainless steel pots for cooking food.

Last but not least, chromium, another essential trace element necessary for carbohydrate metabolism, can be consumed up to 50 to 200 micrograms per day. A meal prepared in a stainless steel container would allow ingest 45 micrograms of chromium.

That all together was enough to totally convince us. You should therefore know that from now on, during your next stays at the ecolodge, you will no longer find plastic water bottles for sale. Two options: either bring your own flask that we will fill with our spring water or offer yourself ours ;-) inspired by nature.

So, are you ready to drink at the source of your consciousness?

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