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What if viralitis could teach us?

What if the COVID-19 could help us reach another level of consciousness through solidarity and benevolence?

After receiving emails from a number of regular guests worrying for us...

... after getting calls from aficionados of the restaurant who invite themselves through the phone to ask how it's going on for us, how we're living the situation and if we need any help (honestly, this is something we wouldn't have imagined even in the best of worlds)...

...we’re now receiving a piece of information from a local resident.
Gabriel informs us that thanks to a teacher from Allanche (a small neighbouring village on this high plateau of Cézallier that we love so much), the Lac du Pêcher and the ecolodge are now on wikipedia (get to learn french ;-) !):


Here again, as unpredictable as comforting they are ultimately, those messages all show how we can all be concerned and take care, while heading for better life... tomorrow.

And here, in this Pinatelle remote non-tourist area, we already focus on:

* a pure wish that holds this territory upright, that of a controlled and respectful development we’re working together for, as economic actors and friends, in the dynamic Pinatelle, land of good living.

* tomorrow, for which we must already work, in a virtuous circle dynamic, because… isn’t tomorrow already today, right now... without which there might be no tomorrow?

* a non-tourist precious area, with such meaningful actions through a great collective dream of a territory that connects us to the beauty, the magic, the ultimate consolation of Nature exhuberance. In a rhythm linked to the seasons. In a breath.

Thanks to our guests of yesterday and tomorrow, coming from all horizons, for many from the region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes.

Thanks to the aficionados of the restaurant... and maybe tomorrow, of the Spa. Among our last works, there is a massage cabin being created, in order to be able to welcome non residents, further to a number of requests throughout these years.

Thanks as well to this territory (and more widely to the region that supports us), to its inhabitants, to all those who look at the Pinatelle forest and the Lac du Pêcher (lake) as awe-inspiring places.
We are happy to take part in this forest symphony. For it is indeed collectively that we will go ahead towards the very best, the most sensitive and sensible of what we can offer as an experience on these highlands. In deep respect of those places.


What if we raise our consciousness to another energy level?

Beyond fears, beyond projections?

Perhaps by experiencing meditation...

Being fully aware that we never manage to change a situation at the same level of energy in which we created it or found it, can we hear that the current epidemic has this capacity to take us to another level? To make us climb stairs, so to speak?

In consciousness as the key to powerful transformation, beyond fears & criticism, beyond projections, protections, by breaking the locks of denial and avoidance, even more so those of mental analysis or will, because it is another level of energy we will have to reach to reset life in the future.

May we collectively experience meditation to be guided to a level of pure consciousness, which can flow without resistance, without any limit! When we consciously contact this state of being, we engage the inner forces of transformation that free us from the habits and conditioning that have held us back from the change we have all long sought.

Change is made possible, even joyful once we’ve found the key to consciousness. Because change is a matter of consciousness. And if this COVID-19 can ultimately give us the key to virality... if we are able to make viral those beautiful things of Life that are the care of oneself and of others, solidarity and sharing, and - which will ultimately result - joy, enthusiasm, curiosity, but also creativity that are the very foundation of life, then...

then... just as we ultimately thank Gabriel, who - by a "drop of water that makes the vase overflow" effect - triggered the desire to put down these lines of writing as well as these images for synthesis:

we will be able to thank COVID-19 for having invited itself to the heart of our humanity to teach us more than fear, suffering and death, Life in its transforming aspect and Love as a support and accelerator of consciousness.

And now, flow with consciousness and writing ... tears of happiness, in the confinement that is ours ... before thanking you all later in person.  For now, take great care of yourselves!

Laurence & Daniel, co-creators of the ecolodge, spreaders of timeless rare moments - instants d'Absolu, as we call them -

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