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Last autumn 2015, we wished to realize our Travel Book # 2 with a couple of guests with a strong desire to let them share their timeless rare moments ("instants d'Absolu). Also a desire not to fit with a conventional communication but rather keep drawing stories. As a continuation to the # 1 realized in collaboration with Perrine Crosmary, our ambassador, an archeozoologist who offered us a wildlife angle.

This time, destiny put on our road Gaetane and Guillaume from duet BON AIR while they were making a call on Kisskissbank with a view to co-financing their next album. They first came to the ecolodge in 2012. When we met, we immediately felt their values were ours while their songs had both the sweetness and the strong personality of the land of Auvergne. Two young artists, always with the idea of getting away for a new Adventure, combined with their passion for music... and we were suddenly sure we wished to "give them a lift" and take them a little further on their path. While talking about their concert at the ecolodge, they finalley said they were fine with the idea of sharing their universe and be part of our photo shoot. While talking further, we felt their desire to make a video-clip for their next title ELECTRICAL. The Clermont-Ferrand based agency FILMS IN was responsible of the whole shooting and filming, with a scarce sensitiveness. Here is an invitation to discover this film shot by the lake and forest as well as partly at the ecolodge.

Out last May, 27th. ELECTRICAL had no less than 8000 visits in one week time. A great success as a start and we now wish this energizing song will chart its way among the summer hits. We are convinced. How about you?

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