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Greetings from unique volcanic France... AUVERGNE, definitely on your radar in 2017! With a lot to experience including thala-source®, a promise of Wilderness Wellness lately created at the Boreal Spa of "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge by Lac du Pêcher.


Everyone needs some time out to find inspiration and restore lost vigour. "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa was created on the shore of Lac du Pêcher, within the Natural Park of Auvergne's Volcanoes, with such a mission.

The ecolodge is the perfect place to relax, after disconnecting from civilization and addictive technology. To ease your stress, special treatments including energetic massages are at hand in the Spa. A hot tub overlooking the lake, a steam bath all made of wood as a single cabin to feel solitude and peacefulness, a sauna with a view on the forest: this comes as part of the experience of wellness in the Wilderness.

Thala-source®, thalasso MADE IN AUVERGNE !

Looking for more than a Spa session and a massage? How about selecting thala-source®?

When an invitation to Wellness is launched from a play on words (on thalassotherapy), beyond wellness, no doubt you will find the energy of joy. Thalassotherapy: so many of our guests have told us being fond of, while expressing their hesitation to book... either at our place or a "thalassotherapy" week.

Well, since last January 2017, the thala-source® invites to a reconnection with the Nature and our inner nature. WILDERNESS WELLNESS, in other words, the Art of wellness in Pure Nature (in the Natural Park of Auvergne's Volcanoes - Secret France). A whole programme of Wellbeing & Regeneration that adds to a classic body care, energetic wellness.

A promise of escape, emotion & inspiration on this isolated high mountain pastures plateau. And indeed, the isolation even contributes to relaxation while this 12-room small structure offers quite a "cocooning" and caring personalised moment on a 2 to 4 day-care. Like a thalasso except that…
… here, there is no waiting room but an individualized care on a couple basis.

… here, there is no sea-water but our mineralized spring water.

Based on scrubs with an exfoliating cream made from volcanic sand, also on wraps with a natural mixture of clay and volcanic silt of particularly high magnesium content, it may include massages with volcanic hot stones as well as energetic massages such as reiki, reflexology or relaxation with Tibetan bowls.

Also here, lunch is to be enjoyed at the Spa and is pure vitality, based on a green freshly extracted smoothie served on a plateau with salty & spicy gourmet madeleines & cookies together with Ardésy, naturally sparkling water of the Cézallier & dried/fresh fruits.

From English guests with love!

... on Tripadvisor: " We have just spent two days at this Eco lodge having enjoyed the setting, accomodation and food. All these treats were enhanced by hosts Daniel and Laurence who made us most welcome. Driving along the lake to discover this exception Lodge sitting alone and perfectly in its setting was a joy as we didn't know what to expect. This couple have decorated the place in a sensitive and tasteful way using local craftsmen. The food was a treat as was the wine list and our breakfast buffet offering all you could want. We explored the area by foot discovering flora and fauna along the trails. How lucky were we to have found such an unusual and beautiful part of France. Grey stone with red woodwork set in a rural setting with fields of wildfloweres what more could you want. We highly recommend that travellers venture to this region and particularly this Lodge."


Need to know what to experience apart from pure wellness when on a stay at "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa? We will gladly assist you organize your trip.

By the way, we bet you have heard of, even probably visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, haven’t you? But, did you know that earlier, the same architect, Gustave Eiffel, built a huge bridge over the Truyère river... worth the visit in AUVERGNE? Get to know more on Garabit bridge very soon! A one day wonderful excursion from the ecolodge.

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