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Lake Life Parenthesis


« Guided by Audrey, a sophrologist in these highlands, walk your body and consciousness among the trees, with an open mind, attentive to their dialogue, sounds, smells, textures and colours. Receive the hydrocarbons secreted by these older plant brothers, which boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and reduce fatigue, anxiety and even depression. »
(Happinez, May 2018)

At "instants d'Absolu" Ecolodge & Spa, we are used to calling those stays dedicated to well-being: Escales Sève de Vie. One of them was an obvious choice to celebrate the 10th. anniversary of the Ecolodge: the Wonder Week. If you have some french knowledge, this is enough to enjoy a Trip at the ecolodge in a different conception, together with a Pure Nature and a mindstyle way of Life.


Convinced that the world lacks fewer resources than wonder, this Lake Parenthesis Wow Week has been thought and designed with a view to allowing you reconnect to the sacred nature of Life, in a vibrant contact with life. A true inner journey awaits you, to be coupled with the sensation of long-distance travel that this natural site of Nature exhuberance with constantly changing lights provides.

A whole week to design with you on the basis of 2 persons, including: 7 nights, full board Vitality meals based on vegetable&fruit juices mainly, with a willing to meet the plenitude of the void, daily access to the Spa and many reconnection experiences to be discovered in the program (with french guidance). Valid upon request.


Willing to board for an olfactory Yoga journey?

Combining Yoga and olfactotherapy, it is spread over 3 daily hours for a period of a morning Self-Care in the gentle and transformative guidance of Hermance, Yoga teacher and Marion, Life coach.

Stay 4 nights/3 mornings to explore the first 3 chakras and get in the action. Or extend to a 8 nights/7 mornings stay to increase your awareness and energy in the exploration of the 7 chakras. Sessions can be, upon request, in English, and will be held in the morning from 9:30 to 12:30. On your agendas!

3 days/4 nights or 7 days/8 nights to live... throughout the year. Quotation upon request.

Ready to board?

From € 795 / € 1,855 per person in a classic room (on a double room occupancy basis). The offer includes: 4/8 nights with breakfasts & dinners, free access to the Spa, and the journey sa such: 3 to 7 days X 3 hours (that is to say 9 to 21 hours of yoga & olfactotherapy).


As the Indian summer begins, how can we better celebrate colour?

Do you share our taste for beautiful things and the magic of the invisible?

At the end of September, we promise you to reveal the hidden beauty of lichen.
A workshop to rediscover a child's view of life and discover the hidden colours of lichen, as well as yarrow and beech. Those plants were collected at the end of June with Virginie Lagerbe, alchemist in natural colours and creator of the Peregreen workshop, to lead us into an in-between world... the coloured soul of the ecolodge on the banks of Lac du Pêcher, revealed on different textile fibres: cotton, linen, wool on which the dyes will react differently: magic and marvelous at the same time.

This two-part workshop will take place during a weekend stay, from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 September 2021... from a botanical walk around the colouring plants of the Pinatelle, a dyeing workshop to the creation of your colour chart.
Next workshop to be held in 2022.

In a small group of 6-8 people, upon request.


From €695 per person (double occupancy). The offer includes - on Thursday-Sunday -: 3 nights with breakfasts, dinners and lunches (mainly juices, in a digestive approach), access to the Spa, and includes a guided botanical walk, dyeing workshop and creation of a colour chart.
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